Sherman's Food Adventures: Mootime


I remember, for a time, that I would religiously watch Rachel Ray's $40-a-day and Tasty Travels. I'm not sure if it was because I found her strangely "cute" or that I actually paid attention to her recommendations... Yummo! OMG. Ignore that. What I do know now is that her picks are definitely hit and miss. I don't blame her though. Most, if not all of the restaurants were probably scouted and presented to her by the people behind the shows. So that is why I had to take her visit to Mootime in Coronado with a grain of salt (or sugar in this case). I figured what was the risk anyways since it's only ice cream and the kiddies love it. So on a warm day in the touristy area of Coronado, we paid Mootime a visit.

For me, I'm not a huge dessert guy and Viv was not in the mood for anything as well. Thus, we let the kids pick out some items for themselves. My son had the Chocolate Ice Cream with Reese's Pieces. Although quite sweet, the ice cream was very smooth and chocolaty. We didn't detect any ice crystals in the ice cream either. My daughter ended up with the Berry Sorbet with 2 Oreo cookies which made the dessert look like Mickey Mouse. Once again, this was pretty sweet while being balanced off with a decent amount of tartness. The whole thing was melting pretty quickly which meant that it was a pretty pure sorbet. In the end, nothing was amazing here; but it was truly solid ice cream and sorbet. The decor is fun as well as the many options for toppings. I guess that is pretty much what one can expect from an ice cream shop located in a predominantly touristy area.

The Good:
- Very respectable ice cream and sorbet
- Lots of topping options

The Bad:
- Nothing amazing here though

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