Sherman's Food Adventures: Paul's Place Omelettery

Paul's Place Omelettery

An all-day ball hockey tournament. That's what Costanza proposed to a few of us via email. Boy, I haven't played ball hockey in quite awhile. It's been strictly ice hockey, in particular, playing goal. I do like ball hockey, but do I have the stamina to keep up? Also, if I recall, most of my injuries stemmed from ball hockey. Oh fine, why not, it was for charity anyways. Apparently, he was successful in filling the rest of the roster with familiar friends such as Chill, Bubbly, Rock Guy and Slash & Whack Girl. Now, any all-day activity requires nourishment and lots of it. Yet, with very little in the way of downtime, Costanza and I decided to grab some early morning breaky at Paul's Place Omlettery prior to the tourney. After we sat down, I took a quick gander at the dining room and something triggered my memory. Hey! This place used to be Magnum's! For those who are unfamiliar, Magnum's was a popular restaurant with the late-night post-clubbing crowd in the 90's. A bunch of us spent a lot of time in the early morning hours here... It was an alternative to Denny's.

With nostalgia out-of-the-way, we settled in on deciding what to eat. For Costanza, it was easy, he thought that trying out the Meatlover's Omelet would best represent the place. Boy, was the egg portion of the omelet ever thin. So much so, we could see the filling through it! For some, that would be too little egg. For us, it was perfect - more filling. That meant the bacon, sausage, ham, onion, cheddar, edam and romano cheese really showed up in terms of flavour. The side of pan fries was soft potato goodness. However, we would've liked to see more crispy bits and surfaces. For myself, I had a hard time deciding between the Pulled Pork Hash and the Traditional Eggs Benny (with black forest ham instead of Canadian back bacon). The solution? Have both! No need to be like Pippin and Merry with 1st and 2nd breakfast. Just have them both in one meal!

I tackled the Pulled Pork Hash first and it was concoction of pan fries, peppers, onions, pulled pork topped with 2 poached eggs and cheese. Although a tad greasy, I found the hash to be flavourful and satisfying. The pulled pork was tender and moist with a BBQ sauce that was tangy and sweet. The free-range eggs were poached perfectly runny. Onto my second breakfast, I had the Traditional Eggs Benny. Not sure if Black Forest Ham would've been my first choice of meat (I prefer back bacon), but it was okay nonetheless. I liked that the egg was poached free-hand and done perfectly runny. The cheese sauce (instead of Hollandaise) had a nice consistency and a hint of lemon (although I'm thinking was it really lemon? Not sure, it was good though). I didn't end up eating the potatoes on this place since I was stuffed. Our server was impressed that I finished that much. You know what was more impressive? That I didn't puke the whole thing up after a whole day of hockey.

The Good:
- Relatively good portions
- Above-average eats
- Comfy surroundings

The Bad:
- A tad expensive
- I know this is nit-picking, but I would've liked back bacon on the Traditional Eggs Benny

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Mrs. Loquacious said...

Really? You think Paul's is expensive?!? Wahhh! We are literally there every week and we think it's the best quality breakfast food for the $. We've taken countless guests (both local and out of town) there and they all remark on two things: 1)how deliciously tasty the food is and 2)how reasonable the prices are!

Oh - and I think it's their signature cheese sauce on the benedicts, not a Hollandaise... ;)

Sherman Chan said...

@ML Yah, I agree it is not "that" expensive, but it ain't cheap either. Thanks for the correction. Yes, it did taste a bit "different". Still was good though!

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