Sherman's Food Adventures: The Greedy Pig

The Greedy Pig

Having been treated by Miss Y to eats at Bitter the night before, I met up with Whipping Girl, who was treating me for lunch at The Greedy Pig. Ain't I lucky! I get to eat with 2 pretty ladies and they pay too! Is Viv reading this??? The visit to The Greedy Pig has been a long time coming though. Previously, Viv and I had apparently arrived too late for last call on the same night we had to divert to Nuba. Arriving at noon (where it was guaranteed to be way before last call), it appeared we had beaten the lunch crowd and had our choice of table. We spied the only good window seat which had one of the smallest tables we've ever seen. Think of a round serving tray on a pedestal.

Since we were going to order at least 3 sandwiches, a balancing act of sorts was required. At least when the Pulled Pork Sandwich arrived, we had room for that. Considered as our "appetizer", this was a fairly generous portion of pulled pork. We found the meat to be a bit stringy and in need of more BBQ sauce. The sauce itself was tangy and sweet. Although the freshly-made coleslaw was crunchy, it was one-dimensional in flavour. All we could taste was mayonnaise. There needed to be more acidity. I liked the bun though, it had just enough resistance to stand up to the ingredients while not being too chewy (which otherwise would end up destroying the sandwich in one bite). Whipping Girl had only one sandwich in mind after checking out the menu online, which was the Shortrib Hoagie. Good thing too since this was a winner. The braised shortribs were super moist and melt-in-our-mouths tender. Lots of body and rich flavour, especially from the small pockets of fat within the meat. The Stilton-dressed greens were flavourful with a nice tang and a hint of sharpness. Again, the bread was a good balance between being soft while still crisp enough to hold everything together.

Lastly, we tried the Truffled Roast Beef with caramelized onions, mushrooms and white truffle oil. When the plate hit the table, the smell of truffle oil was overwhelming. One bite and it was as good licking the ground. Well, not really, but you get the idea. We like truffle and they weren't shy about using the oil. Maybe a tad too aggressive, yet in the end, at least we got a good dose of it (many places skimp and you don't notice it at all). The shaved roast beef was perfect though. With a hint of pink, it was moist and super easy to chew. Combined with the sweet onions and mushrooms, the sandwich was pretty good, especially with the soft and fluffy bread. It was like a deluxe beef dip without the dip. Lastly, we got the Tomato & Basil Soup with bacon aioli. It was on the tangier side with chunks of tomato and bacon. Not the most balanced tomato soup, but I liked it since there was no absence of flavour and I loved the texture. Overall, it was a pleasant lunch (with the shortrib as the highlight). However, with Meat & Bread around the corner, they have some pretty serious competition to deal with.

The Good:
- If you pick the right sandwich, it's pretty good (not impressed with the pulled pork though)
- Heard about the bad service, however we got good service
- Gastown vibe

The Bad:
- Not exactly expensive, but not cheap either
- With Meat & Bread nearby, not sure if GP would be my first choice

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