Sherman's Food Adventures: Safari Snack House

Safari Snack House

Having gone back to work after a day off, I quickly figured out that I should've stayed home for another day. Feeling fine in the morning, I decided to drag myself into work to only find out my body was working against me. So the very next morning, I made the decision to stay home for a second day. Great. Boooooring again. And what about lunch? Egads, no more crappy North American Chinese food please. I had that 2 days ago and am still not getting over it. Wait, that could just be my cold... So I headed out to get takeout once more. This time, it would be different and hopefully more tasty.

Heading not too far from home, it was as good as any time to finally stop by Safari Snack House - another one of those "pass by often, but never eat at" establishments. According to the literature posted on the wall, they have the "best samosas in Burnaby". So I got an order of the Beef Samosas and really, they were pretty good. The exterior was thin and crispy while being packed with moist ground beef, onions and spices. The accompanying cilantro chutney didn't look very flavourful considering the colour, yet it really did have a nice kick. Since Safari is mainly a catering business, they do not have a set menu when it comes to entrees. Rather, they feature 3 different items daily as it coincides with what they are already making. This way, you know it is fresh, rather than something sitting in the fridge and being merely warmed up. Of the 3 features for the day, I opted for the Chicken Curry served with rice. Although not cheap at $10.95, the portion size was quite substantial. There was 2 large pieces of chicken (one dark and one white) with potatoes in a light curry. I say "light" because it was extremely mild with only subtle hints of spice. Now that is not saying I didn't enjoy it though. The potatoes were soft and the chicken was not too dry, even the white meat. Personally, I would've liked more kick, but that is just me.

Seeing how this was just a small sample of what they offer, I returned the very next day on my way home to try one of their daily features. Actually, I had already spotted what it was going to be and made plans in my head to come back. What was it? Well, none else than Butter Chicken! Oh I love butter chicken. Yes, it is over-represented sometimes since you can find it on so many menus everywhere including chain restaurants. But for me, I wanted to see their take on it, especially since they are not an Indian restaurant. Being such, their version was definitely different. Lighter in colour and chunky, there was a moderate amount of spice combined with some tang and crunchy bits strewn throughout. Since I eat butter chicken all-the-time, this took time to get used to. After a few bites, I couldn't stop. It was pretty darn good. So much so, I overlooked the slightly dry pieces of chicken and the pita bread passing a Naan. To be fair, I wasn't expecting tandoori-made naan. So when it came out looking like the picture you see, it was alright. Yes, the naan was dense and not crispy at all on the outside. Personally, I should've gotten the rice instead since I like the Indian-style of naan. Ah whatever. the place has this certain level of charm, including the chatty staff. Not exactly the greatest food I ever ate, yet solid nonetheless. At the very least, they offer up something different and considering the location, that is a good thing.

The Good:
- Good portions
- Friendly personable staff
- Interesting food

The Bad:
- Not as cheap as you would think
- Limited menu (but also good since it means freshness)

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