Sherman's Food Adventures: The Ranch BBQ

The Ranch BBQ

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, it will come as no surprise to you when I say I hate eating alone. Call it some form of insecurity and/or the fact that a grown man sitting in a corner gleefully taking pictures of brussel sprouts may elicit stares as the reason for this. So when my lunch plans fell through with Whipping Girl, I went into panic mode. What should I do? Even a quick text to the ever-reliable Karl didn't result in a dining companion. Frack! Fine, I just needed to suck it up and eat alone again. So off I went to a spot where I could look more manly whilst snapping photos of my food - a BBQ (The Ranch BBQ in this case)! Yah, snapping pics of meat will solve the problem... NOT!

Anyways, I was hungry and since there were no other diners around, it was a "snap" (sorry for the pun). Not sure what the problem was, but the darn place was colder than a walk-in freezer. I think I was shaking throughout the meal. Didn't matter though, I was famished and decided to have 2 items for lunch (as if I haven't done that before). I started with a side of Chili first as it was included with my main. I found it to be very balanced in terms of ingredients. There was a good meat-to-bean-to-veggie ratio. All the textures were right while the consistency was a tad watery. One thing I would've liked to see was more spice, but that is my personal taste talking. For my first main, I had the BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich. The darn thing was pretty substantial and it looked good. One bite and it was quite obvious the meat required very little chewing, if at all. This could be partially attributed to the fattiness of the meat. I found the BBQ sauce to be on the vinegary side while the coleslaw added another layer of acidity and crunch. I loved the Portuguese bun, it was soft and stood up to the wet ingredients.

I also had the St. Louis-Style Ribs as my second main. They were smothered in the same vinegary BBQ sauce and for me, it could've been less so. I didn't get much in the way of smokiness or depth. The side ribs themselves were on the chewy side, but not terribly so. By the end, I was still quite cold. Not sure if the heat was not working or not. In terms of the food, it was not bad. There is better BBQ in Vancouver, yet not around where the Ranch BBQ is located.

The Good:
- Service was courteous albeit sparse
- Brisket was super tender
- Prices are okay

The Bad:
- Place was freezing cold
- Again, service was friendly, but I only got one napkin... for eating ribs?

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KimHo said...

The address rings a bell somehow... Is this place *inside* a supermarket/butcher? If so, I won't worry too much about them. They are quite friendly and will leave you on your own. Heck, I was there and I spent several minutes snapping pictures and they simply didn't care.

Foodwise, it is decent for where it is - just as you mentioned. The question is whether Re-Up plans to open in Westminster Quay will have

LotusRapper said...

They're kinda of inside that non-descript store, so yes:

Kitty corner to RCH.

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