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Go Thai

Don't you love a restaurant that just doesn't look right from the outside? I'm not talking about something that necessarily looks sketch or anything. Rather, the place doesn't look representative of the food it serves. Case in point with Go Thai out in New West. If my memory serves me right, the location used to be a donut shop. Hence, it as far from resembling a Thai restaurant one can get. However, Big D indicated that they do, in fact, serve authentic Thai food there. Fine. I'm up to a food adventure. We decided to meet for lunch one day. Arriving first, I found that the place was packed. The only tables left were on the inside not near the window. *Sigh* Oh well, I had to make due with the light that was available.

We decided to split 3 lunch specials between the both of us (yes, if Mijune was here, she'd get 5 for the 3 of us...). Anyways, we started with the Chicken Green Curry. We found the curry to be rather thin lacking in the coconut milk department. However, it still had an aromatic flavour and some spice. The large chunks of eggplant were very nice as well as the vibrant peppers. As for the chicken, it was slightly dry and there was only a modest amount. Most of the same things could be said about the Beef Red Curry as it was watery as well. Once again, that was not a huge deal since the sauce is supposed to go with the rice anyways. It was quite mild with a little flavour added by the bamboo shoots. Interestingly, in both curries, I could see the basil, but didn't get much from it.

Lastly, we had the Pad Thai which was alright for what it was. We liked the fact it was not heavy on the ketchup. However, the noodles were a touch goopy. There was a good amount of big chicken chunks, pressed tofu and pickled veg though. Although saucy, it did have a good balance of flavours including a mild tang. People have to remember that restaurants produce food that the majority of their clientele, not for the small percentage of authenticity-hungry diners. Ultimately, Go Thai is pretty serviceable if someone wanted a quick Thai food fix. Not necessarily outstanding, yet far from bad, it does the job.

The Good:
- Okay eats
- Prices are alright
- Friendly staff

The Bad:
- There's better, but not necessarily nearby
- Portions are on the smallish side

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