Sherman's Food Adventures: Zippy's Giant Burgers

Zippy's Giant Burgers

As many times as we've visited Seattle, we've never checked out the Museum of Flight. We've surely passed by it many a time while heading further South. Seeing how we've practically done all the "tourist" things to do over the years, it was about time we scoped it out. With an Entertainment coupon in hand and GPS leading the way, we arrived just as it opened. I don't know about you, but I try my very best to beat the rush whenever there is an attraction, theme park, zoo, washroom, Costco or anything else that has a lineup. It seemed to work out pretty well since we essentially saw everything we needed to see in about 3 hours. Sure, we could've stayed longer, but something was more important - food. Since I usually plan my days around eating, our restaurant of choice was somewhat nearby and accessible. Zippy's Burgers is the name and meat in between two buns is its game.

Located in a run-down strip mall, the place didn't look that inviting from the outside. It got slightly better when we entered the place. Seeing how the walls were adorned with burger memorabilia, it was pretty obvious what they specialized in. As such, I strolled up to the counter with every intention of going all out. Well, not completely so, they did have a burger with 4 patties and 8 strips of bacon (King Lou Lou), however, I wasn't in the mood. Really! Instead, I went for the Last Gasp consisting of 100% fresh ground chuck, hot link, fried egg, bacon, double cheese, secret sauce, pickles, & lettuce. The beef patty was very large, yet had lots of chewy little bits which I wasn't a huge fan of. With that being said, it was moist though. The best part of this burger had to be the hot sausage link. It added both texture and a nice spicy kick. 

With all the burgers, there is an option to make it a combo for $3.25. Or better yet, I chose the Man Up option for $10.00 which included a Hand-Dipped Shake, soda, Fries, Onion Rings and Tater Tots. As you can see, the chocolate shake wasn't exactly blended that well. However, it was still decent due to the use of hard ice cream. Therefore, it was thick and fairly creamy. It was a touch on the sweeter side though. The fried platter of death was pretty standard. The tatar tots were crunchy as with the onion rings. The fries were pretty decent as well being crunchy with a good amount of potato goodness inside.

Viv opted for the No. 11 consisting of mama lil's kick butt peppers, smoky chipotle mayo, lettuce, with Monterrey jack & smoked cheddar cheese. Due to our high tolerance to spice, the peppers didn't have as much effect as we would've liked. However, I'm sure this would be spicy enough for some people. It was a solid burger, but we both agreed that the Last Gasp was better. For the kiddies, they shared a Lil' Zip Cheeseburger. Just like us, they really didn't care for the chewy bits (which included some cartilage) either. They picked it all out while they were aggressively chewing. It was pretty large for the price though. It's too bad really since they seem to have a good thing going on here. We would've enjoyed our burgers more if the meat was less chewy. At this stage, we would prefer the burgers from Red Mill and the Lunchbox Laboratory more based on the texture of the meat alone.

The Good:
- Large burgers (lotsa meat)
- The place has got character

The Bad:
- Meat is too gritty
- Not that many seats


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