Sherman's Food Adventures: Max's Burgers

Max's Burgers

April 23rd? That's quite the early date for the beginning of softball season. The last couple of years, the first game has been rained out leaving us without any game to play. Oh, but we still went out to eat! So why am I complaining? Well, this year was different. We got a cloudy day, albeit chilly, for our inaugural match, against one of the better teams in our division no less. Well, apparently the rust was a bit too heavy for our team as we lost pretty handily. There is a serious problem when I was the most consistent hitter for team (usually I'm not). That expensive bat finally paid off! So with a 1 in the L column, we needed to soak our sorrows in food. Finally, we got a chance to visit Max's Burgers, which I actually had on my radar for some quite time. I delayed my visit since Bear wanted me to wait until softball season started. Low and behold, he wasn't there for our first game and hey, we weren't gonna wait for him! Uh, I hope he doesn't get mad... Bears are friendly creatures right?

Even before everyone arrived, I declared that I needed people to help me tackle the Behemoth. The what? Was this a trick question??? No, the Behemoth is a monstrosity of a burger big enough to feed 4 people easily and then some. For $55.00, you get a really large burger consisting of cheese, bacon, ham, fried eggs, mushrooms, grilled onions, tomato and lettuce on a house-made cheddar onion roll. Believe me, one quarter of this burger was more than a normal person could eat. Apparently Milhouse and I are not human because we finished it. Is this burger a novelty? Yes. The burger patty itself was pretty overcooked, but that was forgivable considering the size of it. Gotta make sure for safety purposes. However, with all of the wonderful toppings including so much bacon, it made up for the patty.

Served with the burger was the Triple Bypass consisting of onion rings, yam fries and fries with chipotle mayo. These were all fried up crispy and were not very greasy. I liked how they used breading for the onion rings which made them extra crisp. As part of the behemoth, there was a choice between a pitcher of beer or pop. Taking everything into account, $55.00 split between 4 people was actually a good value. Miss Y looked at us like we were some ravenous gluttons and decided to go for a regular burger in the Max Burger (lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onion & big Max sauce). It was served on a soft toasted brioche bun and with a heaping side of fries. Unlike the behemoth, this burger was not as overcooked, yet still not exactly juicy. She thought it was a pretty decent burger. In the end, everyone (there was many others who had single burgers too) was satisfied with their meals, taking into account the reasonable prices. Not the best burger we've ever had, yet more than acceptable nonetheless.

The Good:
- Reasonable pricing
- Behemoth is quite fun (albeit not the best way to eat a burger)

The Bad:
- Meat is overcooked
- Not their fault, but parking in the area sucks

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KimHo said...

Miss Y look at us like we were some ravenous gluttons and decided to go for a regular burger in the Max Burger

Well, at least she didn't order the po'boy or the mushroom "sandwich"! (Or, had they had it in the menu, a hot dog!).

I have to start asking myself: there is already fancy pizzas and fancy burgers. What's next? Fancy PB&J? Just saying! :)

LotusRapper said...

@Kim: there was a sandwich store in Colorado that specialized in PB&J. I saw it on a show on The Food Network (can't recall which show). Took awhile, but I finally found the references here:

Too bad they are closed !

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