Sherman's Food Adventures: Chef's Kebab

Chef's Kebab

A long time ago, I had visited a Filipino restaurant in Surrey where a peculiar "incident" occurred. As I was snapping photos of my food, an "RCMP" officer who was short and tubby approached me and flashed his badge. He questioned why I was taking pictures of my food. Uh... because I want to??? When did it become an indictable offense to do so? Is it illegal to ogle my Tocilog? Wait, that does sound a bit disturbing... Well, it turns out that this "officer" wanted to treat me to lunch after he found out I was doing it for my blog. Right... I hear it is an offense to impersonate an officer too. Well, that restaurant is long gone and was replaced by another joint that has now become Chef's Kebab. As I was running really low on time for lunch, I decided to drop by for some takeout. They tried to convince me to eat-in, but I assured them, that I really was in a rush. Too bad really since fresh food is always the best choice (duh). Maybe, I had fears the "officer" might return?

I ended up getting the Lamb Kebabs for obvious reasons (see name of restaurant). These were a mixture of ground lamb, onions and spices. These were not very gamy, for those who care about that. I think the bevy of spices masked the gaminess. I would say these were pretty good since they were quite moist. This was a large amount of meat for an order of kebabs. For my main, I went for the Goat Curry and it was fantastic. The portion size was so large, it could've easily passed for 2 orders. There was lots of tender goat which had the desired meaty-gelatinous quality to it. The curry was mild, yet not lacking in flavour. I really should've chosen rice for this since there was so much sauce. Instead, I went for the Naan and it was of the chewier variety. To be fair, it sat in tin foil for about 8 minutes before I ate it, so it probably lost some of its crispiness on the outside.

On the topic of fair, I decided to go for an eat-in meal several months later. This time around, I went for the classic Butter Chicken with 2 orders of naan. As evidenced by the colour, the sauce leaned towards the tomato paste part of the butter chicken spectrum. I didn't mind it as the sauce had a nice consistency and was not devoid of flavour. The spice level was quite mild, yet I could definitely taste the spices. I appreciated that they used tandoor-cooked chicken on a skewer. The texture and flavour of the chicken was quite nice. As for the naan, it was nicely chewy with a touch of crispness on the outside (which I expected compared to the takeout). However, I found the naan in general to be pretty thin and flat. Based on my 2 visits here, I would say the food is pretty decent and while the prices are pretty standard, the portion size makes it a good value.

The Good:
- Good portions
- On my visits, the food was prepared fresh
- Nice people

The Bad:
- Location isn't the best
- Pretty small place, best to keep it to a small group

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Unknown said...

Hey, nice review. Kebab and goat curry image looks great too. Did you use bounce flash to get the soft shadows? Nicely done Sherman!

marwin786 said...

great review ......great blog.......keep writing....

Sherman Chan said...

@Ian Nope, didn't use a flash for this one!

@marwin786 Thanks!

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