Sherman's Food Adventures: La Casita

La Casita

Meeting up with Vandelay for lunch is often the highlight of the week. He is game to eat anything and does his best to accommodate my needs (such as ordering something unique, letting me eat his food and arranging things for my pictures). However, his suggestions for restaurants are often not of the healthy variety. He let me do the choosing for this food adventure and I had originally wanted to try this Cuban restaurant on Cambie in Gastown. Fail. The place didn't even exist! I guess no one sent in the info to Urbanspoon... Therefore, we had to think of another destination quick since Vandelay needed to get back to work. We eventually settled on La Casita since it was close by. Great, Mexican food... Unhealthy again... Curse you Vandelay!

I decided to have the #7 Combanicione which included one Chicken Taco, 2 Texas Enchiladas, 1 Chorizo Chimichanga, rice, beans and salad. I thought the chicken taco was quite substantial with plenty of tender meat that was only slightly dry. There was plenty of flavour from the seasoning and cheese. However, I had an unpleasant surprise in the form of chicken bones. The enchiladas were texas-style, hence the sauce had an "el paso" taco-type taste to it. The tex-mex flavour of the enchilada wasn't exactly my favourite but it wasn't offensive either. I didn't care for the ground beef though, I would've much preferred shredded beef. The chimichanga was fried crsipy and was topped with both salsa verde and a chipotle sour cream. The filling was somewhat spicy and very meaty.

Vandelay had the special of the day which was a salad with Chipotle Prawns and one Flauta. A salad? WTF? Sure... Make me eat the dish with calories enough for the day... The prawns were flavourful with a touch of spice. They were cooked perfectly having a really nice snap and crunch. The Flauta was unusually large and filled with potato. It wasn't bad, but since it was so large with so much filling, it got a bit soft. As expected, the food at La Casita was a hybrid of sorts, compared to the stuff I had in San Diego or even locally at Taqueria Jalisco. I wouldn't say that is necessarily a bad thing. It just would depend on one's expectations and tastes.

The Good:
- Healthy portions (not sure why I used the word healthy)
- Food is fine if you weren't a Mexican food snob

The Bad:
- If you are a Mexican food snob, then you might have some complaints

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Unknown said...

long time reader, first time comment. Last time I went to La Casita they had comp nachos and they had this awesome green creamy dip which I really liked ( they wouldn't tell me what it was -____- ) Did you get to try that as well?

Sherman Chan said...

Yes, we did! It was pretty good!

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