Sherman's Food Adventures: Screaming Mimi's

Screaming Mimi's

*This restaurant is now closed*

While we were munching on grub from Sharky's Chop House and Sausage Emporium at Lonsdale Quay, I kept wondering about the big tray of steamed clams and mussels at the table next to us. I was pretty sure they were from Screaming Mimi's at the other side of the market. I made it a mission to try it out the next time we were in Lonsdale Quay. Well, how about the very next day? Somehow, when I mentioned the steamed seafood to my mom, she wanted to go. So on this return visit, we headed over to Screaming Mimi's for some steamed shellfish. For the heck of it, we decided to give their Seafood Chowder a go. We asked for a cream version and somehow we ended up with this milky tomato broth. I'm sorry to say it wasn't very good. Lacking in seafood flavour and depth, it tasted more like a vegetable soup with some clams more than anything else. Furthermore, it was watery and lacked any form of richness or tang.

Onto what we were really here for - Steamed Mussels and Clams. The deal here is if you order 2lbs, you get an extra 1/3rd pound as a bonus. Despite sounding like a lot of food, the nature of shellfish means there is more shell than meat. We were expecting this and with the relatively reasonable pricing (around $8.00 per pound) with all things considered, we were okay with it. With a sprinkle of seasoned salt and served with a side of melted butter and lemon, this was more a novelty than anything else. We enjoyed it, but didn't love it. However, it is a pretty neat way of sharing some shellfish in a market on a sunny day.

The Good:
- Decent pricing with all things considered
- Interesting way to eat in the market

The Bad:
- Of course with any form of shellfish, it won't be filling (you just have to expect that)
- Clam Chowder needs work


KimHo said...

Despite I should, I usually forgo the steamed shellfish here and, instead, go for the stuff they prepare on the side window, such as the friend oyster or seafood bun. That with a bowl of soup from Soup Meister in the back and you have a good meal!

Sherman Chan said...

@KimHo Yah, I will try their other stuff as well. Only could eat so much! LOL...

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