Sherman's Food Adventures: The Five Point

The Five Point

Visiting late night hot spots is usually a game of Russian Roulette. You win some and potentially lose a lot. That was the case when we tried to get a table for 10 at The Five Point one Friday night after hockey. LOL. Yah right. We'd have a better chance at getting Christy Clarke to ride on the back of Richard Branson sans clothing. Uh... Therefore, we never ended up returning to try again. However, I got my chance when Sean invited me to share in his good fortune. You see, he won a gift card from The Five Point via their Facebook page. Seeing how we were going to meet for brunch on a Sunday after my hockey game, Milhouse, JuJu and Kaiser Soze tagged along as well.

Unlike late night weekends, getting a seat for Sunday brunch was a breeze. We started off with some complimentary Donuts which were served with strawberry jam and cinnamon sugar. These were cake donuts and naturally dense. They weren't bad nor were they great either. Hey, free donuts. We didn't mind that. JuJu and I decided to share their Tuna Bites since someone had recommended it to us. These were togarashi crusted and seared, then tossed in soy and ginger with a pea shoot salad in miso lime dressing. It was topped with crispy taro chips and a side of sesame ginger aioli. I gotta say this was hit and miss on one plate. It really depended which piece we picked up. If it was from the centre of the tuna steak (before it was chopped up), it was nicely rare. However, if it was along the side, it was woefully overcooked and dry. What really saved the dish was the Asian flavours and the wonderful aioli which provided the necessary moisture.

The Carolina Pulled Pork Benny caught my eye and I decided to go for it. It was bathed in a rum & Coke BBQ sauce and served with apple fennel slaw. I had high hopes for this dish and it ultimately disappointed. First off, the poached eggs were nothing but. They were more like soft-boiled. No runny yolk - fail. Secondly, the BBQ sauce was pretty weak and I didn't get much of anything from it. On the other hand, the pork was quite nice being moist and not chewy. The slaw could've been more impactful as it was crunchy with little distinguishing flavours.

Sean had the Five Point Burger consisting of house beef patty, Guinness cheddar, double hickory smoked boar bacon and smoked red pepper aioli on a brioche bun. Since Five Point is related to The Charlatan, I was not surprised that he liked the burger. The brioche they use is one of the best I've come across. He remarked that the beef patty was moist and delicious. The Kennebec fries were crispy, yet were quite starchy inside. Kaiser Soze went for the Stuffed French Toast and not surprisingly, it was a little on the wet side. He neither disliked it or liked it (if that is a good enough description). He did remark that it was a little bland. One dish I didn't put up a picture of was Milhouse's breakfast. It wasn't all that interesting and the scrambled egg was poorly executed - looked more like a folded overcooked omelet. That pretty much summed up the breakfast items we had - poorly executed and disappointing. However, to be fair, the burger was good. Maybe we should stick to dinner eats instead next time?

The Good:
- Service was pretty good
- Nice vibe
- Burger was solid

The Bad:
- Breakfast needs some work, execution was poor

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