Sherman's Food Adventures: Duotian Fish Noodle Soup Restaurant

Duotian Fish Noodle Soup Restaurant

Apprehensive as I was, returning for Sunday morning hockey.  It ended poorly for me last year as I was hit 3 consecutive weeks leading to my concussion.  Was I going to be back?  Was it worth the risk?  Was something going to change?  Oh who am I kidding...  Would I pass up Sunday eats???  Besides, the culprit, who gave me my concussion, didn't even sign up for this year.  After our game, the usual suspects, Milhouse and Kaiser Soze joined me at Duotian Fish Noodle Soup (think Deer Garden Signatures...).

Arriving in a huge bowl, the Fish Noodle Soup with rice noodles, brisket and fish was a substantial portion (not merely being a big bowl of soup and nothing else).  I found the soup flavourful in a MSG kinda way, but I did pick out some natural fish flavour.  The noodles were still chewy while there was a good amount of napa cabbage.  I found the fish to be moist and not overcooked, but the brisket was pretty chewy.  Not bad, however, Deer Garden is better (and with that being said, Deer Garden is only okay in my books).  I got the maximum 2 sides which were Fried Chicken Wings and Maggi Pork Chop.  The wings were fried golden brown and juicy on the inside.  It was brined just enough to remain tender and flavourful.  As for the pork chop, it was moist, yet a touch salty from all that Maggi.

Milhouse had the Satay Beef Rice Noodles and it was also a massive portion.  Lots of beef, peppers and pineapple atop soft, yet not mushy flat rice noodles.  The sauce itself was not all that spicy, rather it was mostly sweet.  The beef was fairly tender, but certain pieces were not tenderized enough.  Kaiser Soze opted for the Frog Legs Hot Pot Rice which was also a decent portion with plenty of toppings.  They didn't skimp on the frog legs which were moist and tender.  The abundance of Chinese sausage and pickled mustard greens added additional flavour and texture.  As for the rice, it was chewy and there was a nice crust on the bottom of the hot pot.  Overall, it was an acceptable meal at fairly okay prices.  Sure, there were some deficiencies, but we weren't sure why the place is rated so low on Urbanspoon.

The Good:
- Decent portions
- Acceptable eats

The Bad:
- Not bad, but not great either
- Parking lot sucks

Duotian Fish Soup Noodles Restaurant 多田魚珍米線餐飲 on Urbanspoon


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