Sherman's Food Adventures: Airport Coffee Shop

Airport Coffee Shop

I'm sure there is little disagreement that Chilliwack is not the hotbed of good eats.  Sure, there are places to eat and some can be quite good, but nothing quickly comes to mind...  except for one.  Of all places, the Airport Coffee Shop is well-known for their pies.  Having just left Harrison Hot Springs and fresh off a wonderful tour of Hofstede's, I thought that it was as good as any time to pay the place a visit.  Sure, it was 3:30pm in the afternoon, but anytime is a good time for food right?

Miss Y and I weren't exactly hungry, but I insisted we share some food to go with our pie.  First up was the Mushroom Burger which was blessed with fresh and aesthetically-pleasing toppings.  We liked how the mushrooms were not cooked to death either.  Surprisingly, it was a good burger with a soft bun and a moist hand-made patty.  Next, we tried the Rueben with fries.  For a grilled sandwich, we would've preferred to see it crunchier, but it didn't make or break the dish. The corned beef was a little dry but the sauerkraut and cheese helped alleviate it somewhat.  Despite being the generic type, the crinkle-cut fries were super crispy.

Now for the main event, the reason why we were here - the pie! I gave the Bing Cherry a go first and I was impressed at the tempered level of sweetness.  Within the flaky crust, there was a plethora of cherries.  Of course we couldn't bypass the standard, being the Apple Pie a la Mode!  Again, the crust was flaky, yet a touch dense.  It was probably due to the moisture with the apples as it became doughy on the inside.  We did like the tender slices of apple though and once again, the pie was not too sweet.  Hey, nothing mind-blowing here, but solid eats with all things considered.  We loved the honest friendly service too.

The Good:
- Seemed like genuine service
- Okay pricing
- Pies are solid

The Bad:
- Dunno if I would drive out to Chilliwack especially for it, but good to try if in the area

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Rob F said...

If you should ever find yourself there again try the mud pie, it is an absolute behemoth of a dessert.

Sherman Chan said...

@Rob F I guess I'll need to head back for that!

Unknown said...

I grew up in Chilliwack and am a BIG fan of the Airport Coffee Shop! So glad to see you tried it and read your review :) Some other hidden gems in Chilliwack you should definitely try are,, and

Sherman Chan said...

@KB Thanks for the tip! I will be back!

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