Sherman's Food Adventures: Yukiya


Having missed the buffet breakfast at the Terrace Cafe at the resort, we were a bit unprepared as to other eating options.  We decided to take a stroll outside to see what we could find.  In the end, we didn't walk very far as we stopped at the first place we saw being Yukiya.  Sushi at Harrison Hot Springs?  Yah, a bit daring, but we wanted something lighter to eat.  Upon sitting down, we were served by the owner (?) who was almost overly-friendly.  One look at the menu and we were shocked to see prices which were easily double what we would normally expect.

Whatever, we were hungry and Miss Y was treating...  LOL... I decided to go for the Teriyaki Chicken and Sashimi Bento.  Despite sliced quite thin, the salmon, tai and tuna sashimi were acceptable given where we were.  I found the salmon to be a touch soft, but nothing was fishy.  I wasn't a huge fan of the chicken as it was cut up into small pieces and subsequently overcooked while mixed with far too much sauce.  As for the gyoza, they were not fried up crispy, hence the dumpling skin was a touch doughy.  The filling was okay though with a good mix of meat and cabbage.  Miss Y had the Tempura Udon which was served with a substantial amount of vegetables on top.  Although not typical of an authentic udon, she welcomed it as she needed her veggies.  The udon was a bit soft while the soup was not bad being balanced.  The accompanying tempura was actually pretty good with a thin layer of batter.  It was fried up light and crispy.

As a bonus, the friendly owner presented us with a plate of California Roll.  We found the rice to be subpar as it was hard and pretty bland.  On the other hand, the ingredients were alright including the ripe avocado.  We were pretty indifferent about our meal and really didn't have any expectations.  Given that it is located right on the lake, it has location on its side.  But the prices are far too high for the quality of food.

The Good:
- Super friendly owner
- Acceptable food with all things considered

The Bad:
- Food quality does not justify the prices
- Not the most wonderful of ambiances

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