Sherman's Food Adventures: Triple Triple @ Triple O's

Triple Triple @ Triple O's

There are some things in my childhood that I love no matter what others think.  Hey food is subjective and really, you can't tell someone that they don't like something.  One of my favourite things to eat while growing up was the Double Double at White Spot.  Consisting of 2 patties, 2 slices of cheese, Triple O sauce and double pickles, it was really satisfying.  Imagine my reaction when I was informed that there was a Triple Triple on their secret menu at Triple O locations.  Secret menu?  Sounds like an In-N-Out kinda thing.  Well, the good folks at White Spot sent me voucher to try this monstrosity, so of course I went!  

I brought the family along too because hey, they love White Spot (and subsequently Triple O's) too!  But before we get to that, let's talk about what they got to eat.  They both went for the Dippin' Chicken with fries, drink, the classic chocolate doubloons and crayons. They gobbled up the 2 crispy chicken strips quickly.  Strangely, the fries were pretty dense and not really all that crispy.  Viv had the Chipotle BBQ Bacon Melt Burger.  It was pretty substantial with plenty of ingredients.  She did remark that the onions were the dominant flavour though.  For her side, she had Onion Rings (next picture down) and they were the breaded type, which meant they were crunchy.

I was actually the one who ordered the Sweet Potato Fries which were pretty crispy and light.  I liked how the side of Chipotle mayo was enough for all of the fries.  Now the main event - The Triple Triple!  Nothing complex here, just 3 patties, 3 slices of cheese and 3 pickle slices.  Yes, this was filling and I barely finished it.  Only eat this if you are really hungry.  Nothing particularly ground-breaking, but consider it a bigger Double Double.  And that's what Triple O's is all about - nothing fancy and certainly nothing mind-blowing.  Yet it delivers what is expected.

The Good:
- A little bit more interesting than some of the other fast food burgers
- White Spot burgers in a fast food setting

The Bad:
- Pricier than other fast food joints
- Not a whole lot of seating

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