Sherman's Food Adventures: De Dutch Pannekoek House (Strawberry Hill)

De Dutch Pannekoek House (Strawberry Hill)

Way back in time...  Well, maybe not that long, makes me feel old...  Anyways, sometime in the past, I would join my friends and do the breakfast thing at De Dutch Pannekoek House.  I reminisce about the times that Chill would call me up last minute to head out for some pannekoeks on Sundays.  Ah, the life without kids, so much freedom and pure randomness.  Well, I hadn't been back De Dutch in 5 years and much like my other recent posts, it was time to revisit and evaluate.

For myself, I went for their Eggs Amsterdam with ham and edam.  Rather than English muffins, they used a very crispy toast called a Dutch rusk that was a nice textural contrast.  The eggs were not exactly poached, but they were still runny though. I found the Hollandaise rather mild with no lemon zing nor anything butteriness.  Rather, it was just creamy.  Mrs. Spray Bottle decided to have the Hash on top of a pannekoek.  It was savoury and topped with  Hollandaise sauce.  Since it wasn't very flavourful, the whole thing was very mild.  As for the pannekoek, it was thin and slightly crisp on the outside while soft and chewy on the inside. 

Tomcat had the DeBakon and Eggs and it was prepared nicely.  The eggs were fluffy while the bacon was slightly crispy along the edges while not dried out. The dish was completed with squishy hashbrowns, toast and fresh fruit.  Potty Mouth had the sweet tooth and chose the Pannekoek with strawberries and cream.  No different than Mrs. Spray Bottle's other than the addition of chocolate sprinkles and strawberries in sauce, this was a dessert breakfast.  Well, this was a pretty predictable breaky at De Dutch as with all of my other previous visits.  I guess the draw of De Dutch would be their slightly different take on breakfast as well as their pannekoeks.  However, it comes at a price and a relatively high price that is...

The Good:
- Something different
- Decent eats

The Bad:
- Expensive
- Different, but not necessarily outstanding either

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