Sherman's Food Adventures: Win Win Chinese Buffet

Win Win Chinese Buffet

It's pretty clear that the Chinese buffet doesn't really fly in the GVRD.  Sure, there are a few here and there, but one would really have to look for them.  Ultimately, most do not last long because most people know where to get the good stuff.  So it was to my complete surprise that Win Win Chinese Buffet opened up in the former location of Saturday's Fish n' Chips (and before that ABC Country Restaurant).  For the low price of $8.99 for adults, one could help themselves to AYCE North American Chinese food.

Now don't get overly excited (well, I'm sure many are actually turned-off, but that's another story) because the selection could only be described as very modest. Essentially, as clearly seen in the picture, WYSIWYG. But really, $8.99 usually buys you a 4-item combo at places such as Manchu Wok.  So, the pricing fits with the selection.  And about that selection, on one side, there was Plain Rice, Fried Rice, Fried Shanghai Noodles, Chow Mein, Spring Rolls, Sweet n' Sour Pork, Chicken Balls, Fried Chicken.  The other side consisted of Broccoli Beef, Mixed Veggies, Green Beans, Shrimp Chips and 2 more veggie stir-fries.  Soup consisted of Hot n' Sour and Consume.

I tried most of the items and the Fried Chicken stood out.  It was very much like Church's, yet the brine was a bit strong as the chicken was pretty salty.  However, that also meant it was pretty moist as well.  The Green Beans were vibrant and crisp while the Broccoli Beef was disappointing with soft broccoli and chewy meat.  I wasn't a huge fan of the Chicken Balls because there was too much greasy batter.  The Sweet and Sour Pork was okay though, but the sauce was somewhat clumpy.  Oh, and I would avoid the Hot n' Sour Soup because it was more like thickened water with peas and tofu.  In reality, Win Win exists to fill your belly if you do not mind mediocre food at a low price.

The Good:
- Cheap
- Friendly enough people
- Spacious

The Bad:
- Limited selection
- Food is meh

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Anonymous said...

I just went to Wonderful Buffet in Bellingham and for the same price of $8.99 you get much more for the money.

That's in US dollars, but if you''re there to get gas/groceries anyways, it's worth it. It's located outside of Costco's on Meridian street.

LotusRapper said...

@Holly - Sherman's eaten at Wonderful already. There aren't really many places he hasn't eaten at ;-)

Sherman Chan said...

@Holly Nothing and I mean NOTHING compares to the US in terms of buffets. Ours up here suck. Yes, like @LR said, I've been to Wonderful. It's not bad.

LotusRapper said...

I'm not totally averse to buffets (there are times when they are appropriate, even *desirable*).

Sherman - it'd be great if you can do one post comparing the key highs and lows of WA State buffets. Thanks

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