Sherman's Food Adventures: Sushi Wara

Sushi Wara

Oh, lookie here, another Brown's Social House!  I hope you realize I say this in jest...  Yes, Brown's has invaded North Delta and opened up shop on Scott Road near 64th.  Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of the place (but maybe I need to do another visit to make sure).  Hidden behind the grand opening is a Japanese restaurant occupying an unfortunate location.  Sushi Wara is its name and trying their food is definitely my game.  I decided to make a couple of visits so that I could sample a proper variety of food.

When I first laid eyes on the Appetizer Sashimi, the portion size jolted me much like the off-key performance of Tegan & Sara at the Heritage Classic.  The slices of tuna, salmon and hamachi were huge.  I tried the tuna first and it was pretty darn cold and still somewhat frozen.  No matter, as it was not mushy while having a certain vibrancy.  That could be said about the salmon as well, but the hamachi was the star as the texture was buttery and taste was sweet.  The shocking size of the Awesome Roll (everything is awesome?) made me doubt I could finish the food that I ordered.  Consisting of a California roll with seared salmon on the outside garnished with fried yam, it was well-constructed.  I found the rice to be on the sweeter side and somewhat dry.  However, with all of the ingredients, that didn't really matter.  I particularly liked that they didn't over-sauce everything.

I also had the Appetizer Tempura and again, the size would rival some full-orders.  Although the batter was on the thicker side, each piece remained crunchy until the bite. I liked how there was minimal grease despite the abundance of batter.  The ebi was really meaty and had a slight snap. I returned a few weeks later for another visit where I decided to try the Ebi Mayo (one of my favourite Japanese dishes).  With breading more like one found on fried cocktail shrimp, these were crunchy and minimal on the grease.  The ebi itself had a buttery snap.  I didn't mind the breading, but personally, I prefer the regular crispy batter.  It came with both spicy mayo and sweet chili sauce.  I only used the mayo and it had a nice balance with just enough spice.

I also tried their Oyako Don which was the beneficiary of a whack load of chicken.  Moreover, the pieces of chicken were really large and buttery moist.  Underneath, the rice was chewy and stood up to the moisture.  The flavours were out-of-balance though as it was far too sweet.  Other than that, it was an enjoyable dish.  For the dishes I tried, the food at Sushi Wara was decent.  Sure, it was not completely authentic, but that didn't bother me much.  I found the service to be really attentive where the staff really made an effort.

The Good:
- Decent eats
- Really eager staff
- Lots of light (I don't like dark restaurants)

The Bad:
- On the pricier side
- A bit hard to find

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