Sherman's Food Adventures: Lost in the 50's Drive In Burger Bar

Lost in the 50's Drive In Burger Bar

As interesting as some restaurants appear, there are times I just try my best to avoid them.  Take Lost in the 50's for instance.  At one point, it actually looked appealing where I really wanted to try the food.  Then over time, it became a decrepit, forgotten place which ultimately met its demise.  Yes it is true, even though I like dives, some are just too divy. However, with new ownership, my curiosity got the better for me as I finally decided to visit the place.

With a boisterous greeting, the new owner explained to us that their burgers are made with fresh ground beef while their buns are baked in-house.  I decided to try their Lemon Chicken Sandwich which was served on foccicia bread.  I liked the well-seared pieces of breast meat which were relatively moist.  There was a definitely lemon marinade which kept things bright and appetizing.  I wasn't a huge fan of the bread despite being freshly baked.  It was not that flavourful being dry and pale-looking.  Furthermore, the sandwich need much more filling as each bite was too much bread.  My side of fresh-cut fries were fantastic though.  They were fried until a dark shade of brown which meant they were smoky and crispy.  On the inside, there was still potatoey goodness.

We also had the LA King Burger consisting of a large beef patty with cheese, bacon and caramelized onions.  It was a solid offering with a nicely caramelized patty which was still somewhat moist.  We liked how the meat was fresh as it tasted like it.  The grilled onions, crispy bacon and marble cheese rounded out the flavours and textures.  The accompanying onion rings were crispy, but we would've liked breading more than flour.  Overall, we like the food at Lost in the 50's but it wasn't outstanding given the pricing. Still worth a try though.

The Good:
- Freshly made-in house ingredients
- Friendly owner
- It's got this dive quality to it

The Bad:
- Kinda pricey
- Fresh buns are nice, but they are a bit too dry and dense

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LotusRapper said...

Last time I was there, the owners were Korean. Prolly just before this new ownership change.

Wow the "new look" looks better than it's ever been, it seems. I remember this place from the '80s and they prolly hadn't changed much over the decades.

LIT50's is right up there with Wally's. Hope this new incarnation survives and thrives.

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