Sherman's Food Adventures: D Roti Shak

D Roti Shak

If one wanted to get a roti in Vancouver, it is not a stretch to say that it wouldn't be a very difficult task.  After all, there are so many types where it transcends many different Asian cuisines.  However, when we are more specific and are in search of a Trinidadian-style Roti, it gets much more difficult.  The first place that comes to mind is Rehanah's in Port Moody.  I remember there used to be a place on 4th Ave, but that is long gone.  Interestingly, you can it also at D Roti Shak in New West.  Big D, Slick and Foodie Girl joined me to check it out.

We decided to share a few appies including the Phulourie (split pea flour fritters) with a side of homemade tamarind sauce.  These were only every-so-lightly crisp while being quite dense and chewy.  They were topped with a impactful tamarind sauce that was equal parts tangy and sweet.  Next, I attempted to cut an order of Doubles with very little success. The filling of chickpeas had a noticeable, but balanced spice level which was sandwiched in between 2 fried fluffy bara. I liked the purposeful amount of tamarind which added a nice tang and sweetness.

Big D decided on the Chicken Curry atop beans & rice.  The large chunks of chicken were a bit firm, but not stringy.  It was bathed in a moderately spicy curry that displayed its composition proudly.  We could easily see the chili pepper, garlic and onions which equated to plenty of flavour.  However, it was a bit on the saltier side (which was okay since there was so much rice).  Slick had the Goat Curry and I thought it was the better of the two.  First of all, the goat itself was nicely tender and rich.  Second, the curry had more depth (due to the meat) with noted classic curry hits in particular coriander.

Of course we couldn't get out of there without trying the Shrimp Roti (because it is in their name...).  As for the roti itself, it was thin, slightly chewy and soft.  The contents were very mild with only minor curry hints.  I found the shrimp a bit salty and on the meatier side.  There was only a modest amount mixed with potato and chickpea.  It would've been even better if there was more spice.  "Pretty good" was our sentiment after it was all said and done.  Definitely an option for something different if one was in the area.

The Good:
- Something different
- Really friendly owner
- Decent eats

The Bad:
- A one-man show, so be prepared to wait
- Roti could use more filling (protein that is)

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