Sherman's Food Adventures: Donair Affair (North Delta)

Donair Affair (North Delta)

I'm done having my affairs in Surrey!  Okay, before you jump to any conclusions and Viv, if you are reading this, don't throw my Magic Cards out or key my car...  What I'm referring to is Donair Affair - the one of multiple locations, now including North Delta.  Yup, I no longer need to head into Surrey to get my Donair fix.  Considering the many Japanese, Indian and Chain restaurants that litter the North Delta side of Scott Road, it was actually a total surprise that a location of Donair Affair finally opened up.

Prior to this post, not only have I visited other locations of Donair Affair (oooh...  multiple affairs like Tiger Woods!) including this new one.  Seeing how I can barely finish a super sized donair, I decided to merely go for a regular Chicken.  That in itself was enough to satisfy my hunger.  With fresh veggies and plenty of well-charred chicken, the thing was bursting at the seams.  As much as I like the sauces, they put a bit too much in it.  For something different, I got a Falafel as well. Since it was crumbled and reheated, there was no crispiness whatsoever.  Hence, it was more dense than anything.  I liked the spices though as well as the smooth hummus.

On another visit, I got the Beef & Lamb Plate complete with salad, tabouleh and hummus.  This again was a generous portion which left me burping up garlic.  Meats were fairly moist and packed with flavour.  I liked the hummus as it was smooth and flavourful.  Once again, my visits to Donair Affair have been satisfying and didn't cost me much.  Also, it's an affair that Viv can live with (unless I eat too much I suppose).

The Good:
- Inexpensive
- Large portions

The Bad:
- Too much sauce (but that can easily be rectified
- Not a huge fan of the falafels

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