Sherman's Food Adventures: Pepperoni Cafe

Pepperoni Cafe

Alright, I'm not afraid to admit it.  In the early days of this blog, on some occasions, I did not sample enough items at certain restaurants that would give a true sense of the food.  I learned very quickly that not only was that unfair, it was really not that useful of a post.  Case in point, I visited Pepperoni Cafe and only tried their sandwiches but not their signature item - the pizza. So consider this righting a wrong as I ordered 2 pizzas (one specialty and one build-your-own) and the aforementioned sandwich.

Seeing how the place is named Pepperoni Cafe, I had to get their Super Pepperoni with a layer of pepperoni, layer of mozzarella, another layer of pepperoni and Parmesan.  As you can imagine, with all that pepperoni, the pizza was both greasy and salty (but that was to be expected and we didn't mind). The crust was right in the middle of being thick and thin.  It was soft with a light crunch on the outside.  I also got a Ham & Pineapple which sported a good amount of ham and cheese.  Due to the absence of grease (as compared to the previous pizza), the crust was slightly drier, yet still chewy and soft on the inside.  Decent pizzas which are definitely different than the many cheaper ones found along Scott Road.

I did end up getting a sandwich, but I'm going to refer back to a recent visit where I had the Pizza Sub.  The whole wheat bun was nicely toasted being warm and soft with a crunch.  The plethora of meat with only a modest amount of veggies ensured that the sammie would be savoury and flavourful - a good alternative to Subway and/or Quiznos.  So there you have it, a representative post on Pepperoni Cafe.  Sure, it is more expensive than nearly all of the other pizza joints along Scott Road, but at the very least, it appears the ingredients are a notch above.

The Good:
- More quality ingredients that the competition along Scott Road
- Enough meat and cheese

The Bad:
- More pricey than the rest

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