Sherman's Food Adventures: Sean's Good Eats (Avalon Dairy Store)

Sean's Good Eats (Avalon Dairy Store)

Sometimes simple is better.  Just because there is a big menu (with fancy descriptions) and/or a glitzy dining room doesn't mean it will yield great results.  Furthermore, it is really impractical to eat like that everyday - wait, that would be Mijune...  Anyways, I wanted a basic meal with a twist.  That twist happened to be that we would be visiting Sean's Good Eats located within the Avalon Dairy store right at the plant.  Yes, there is more than milk products to be had here.  Since the kiddies were off on Spring Break, they happily joined this food adventure.

Why you might ask?  Well look no further than organic hard ice cream Chocolate Milkshake and Chocolate Milk. As such, with the quality milk, the milkshake was thick, creamy and chocolaty.  The chocolate milk was also thick and rich.  It was sweet, but not incredibly so.  For myself, I had to get some food of course...  I went for their daily special being the Sheppard's Pie with Corn Chowder.  In addition to the lean ground beef, there was corn and red peppers which added some pop and sweetness.  Also, there were herbs in the mash potatoes which added another layer of flavours.  However, it needed gravy badly as it was kind of dry.  As for the soup, it tasted strangely like cream of corn, but not in a bad way.  I liked the sweet corn taste.

Viv had the Chicken Panini with sundried tomatoes and goat cheese.  It was prepared nicely and benefited from the purposeful flavours of the tomatoes and pesto.  We liked how it was grilled nicely as it was crispy on the outside while still soft on the inside.  The kiddies shared the TBC (or Turkey, Bacon and Cheddar) grilled sandwich. No rocket science here but a solid sammie with loads of turkey.  However, the main draw here are the Avalon dairy products and if you've never had them, they are definitely a cut above the regular supermarket fare (unless it is Island Farms).  The food only serves to be a side for this.

The Good:
- Wonderful Avalon products
- Eats are cheap
- Friendly people

The Bad:
- Eats are fine, but pretty standard fare

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