Sherman's Food Adventures: Biercraft Tap & Tapas (Commercial)

Biercraft Tap & Tapas (Commercial)

"I would like some beverages", exclaimed Emilicious after Friday night hockey.  And no, she wasn't talking about a Diet Coke either.  Consequently, I suggested Biercraft Tap & Tapas since it would fulfill that particular request as well as eats.  But honestly, I just wanted to do a re-visit since it was 5 years ago that we had last been to the place.  It was in the middle of Summer and since they were sans A/C, we lost as much in sweat as we took in drinks.  Well, it wasn't Summer this time around, but it was still plenty warm.

We ended up starting with an order of the Mumbai Wings and mint mango raita.  Although not particularly juicy, the wings were coated with enough sauce to help alleviate that issue.  They were crispy though with a balanced hint of curry to go along with the zesty tangy thing going on.  The raita was rather mild, but was pleasant enough.  The Korean Short Ribs were nicely executed with a smoky char.  They were sweet like typical Korean marinade with some savoury elements.  The meat was moist and tender except for the parts around the bone.  We also got the Sesame Tuna with wilted spinach, wasabi mayo.  Much like last time, the tuna was expertly prepared being rare and texturally on point.  However, it tasted exactly the same too which was mild and lacking in acidity.  A touch of lime would've brightened up the flavours.

Next, we tried the Drunken Mussels in a Biercraft Pilsner, cilantro and lime butter broth.  The good amount of mussels were a little overdone as they had lost their buttery texture.  There was no mistaking the Pilsner in the broth, but it wasn't bitter being cooked down enough.  I could get the lime, yet it wasn't overpowering.  We got a bigger item in the Braised Beef Mac n' Cheese made with BBQ braised beef brisket, macaroni and 4 cheese sauce. I liked the BBQ sauce as it was tangy with sweet and smoky elements.  However, it took over the dish and I could barely make out the cheeses.  Furthermore, the brisket was on the stringier side.  We liked how the macaroni was al dente though.  As for the side of frites, they were crunchy, yet overly firm.

Lionel Hutz decided to share exclusively with Gordo (such anti-social people!).  They also had the short ribs along with 2 more items including the Biercraft Burger consisting of a fire grilled house-made patty, toasted kaiser, crispy onions, lettuce and tomato.  He thought it was a decent burger with a well-charred patty that was somewhere in between moist and dry.  They also had a Caesar Salad made with a zesty lemon and asiago dressing, romaine, crispy bacon and cheese baked croutons.  Yes, a Caesar salad is as exciting as physics textbook, but this one wasn't bad.  The romaine was vibrantly crunchy while the dressing was creamy and not lacking in acidity.

For dessert, we ended up trying the Sticky Toffee Pudding and Tiramisu. Consisting of warm toffee cake, sticky coconut topping, caramel and Chantilly cream, this was okay.  We didn't mind the cake as it was really moist and not crazy sweet.  But the coconut topping was really sweet and the texture interfered with the cake.  As for the Tiramisu, it was creamy and full of flavour.  We got lots of coffee and liquor which made it even more enjoyable.  Overall, this revisit was very similar to our original meal 5 years ago. So the consistency is there.  Other than a few issues here and there, the food was decent for late night eats.

The Good:
- Nice vibe
- Okay eats
- Open late

The Bad:
- Overly warm inside
- We were made to wait for table even though there were several chances to seat us

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