Sherman's Food Adventures: Boomers Sports Grill

Boomers Sports Grill

Seriously, why would anyone blog about a sports bar in an ice hockey facility?  Well, that would be me.  As much as it is irrelevant to people who do not play hockey or get sucked into watching someone play hockey at the rink, it is food after all.  And you know me, everything I eat counts...  Well, except for the 6" tuna I had at Subway the other day.  I'm not blogging about that...  or the apple pie I had at McD's either.  Oh yeah, and that revisit to Kawawa for AYCE...  Yes, I went back there and it still sucked.  I digress...

So after our win in the tournament, our team went upstairs to Boomer's Sports Grill at GPF for some celebratory eats. We shared both the Nachos and Buffalo Wings.  Pretty typical stuff for a sports bar right?  Yup, the Nachos were just that with bagged chips, melted cheese, jalapenos, green onion, tomatoes, salsa and sour cream.  As for the wings, they were sauced aggressively where there was plenty of hot vinegary sauce.  However, the wings were fried to the point where the meat was dry and chewy.  I enjoyed eating the side of carrots and celery more than the wings themselves.

For my main, I went for the Canadian Burger with bacon and cheddar.  Without sounding anti-climactic, it was exactly what I was expecting.  The frozen burger patty was well-charred, yet somewhat dry.  The meaty bacon was crispy though while the produce was fresh.  It did the job.  As for the fries, they were your typical Sysco/GFS frozen type.  Again, they did the job.  Puckhog wanted some of those fries and offered to share some of his Pepperoni Pizza in return.  For what it's worth, the pizza wasn't bad.  The crust was bread-like while crunchy on the exterior.  There was no shortage of ingredients including a good helping of cheese.

Naturally, the Mushroom & Swiss Burger was pretty much like the one I had except for the 2 toppings.  The sauteed mushrooms were good though being well-seasoned and not overly watery.  Cherry Picker ended up with the Beef Dip which was a pretty standard version.  However, I give them props for using real roast beef.  As you can clearly see, the food at Boomer's serves a purpose - to fill up the hungry appetites of those who have just finished playing a hockey game.  No frills here, but reasonably-priced and completely respectable with all things considered.

The Good:
- Inexpensive
- Decent for what it is

The Bad:
- Not a destination restaurant by any stretch of the imagination
- Can get a little chaotic there after a tournament or multiple games

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Steve said...

When vegetables start tasting better than chicken wings, it brings a tear to my eyes. (and not because of the hot sauce LOL!)

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