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Donair Star

Heading home from GPF in Delta, I was thinking hard as to where I could pick up some late night eats without resorting to anything that didn't involve a drive-thru.  Suddenly, as I was crossing the Queensborough, I remembered that JuJu had told me about a donair spot in New West.  I made the turn onto 6th and headed over to Donair Star on 12th.  As they were about to close, there was not chicken left.  I decided to get a Lamb Platter for myself and  Beef Donair for Viv.

As with many donair joints, the price-to-food value ratio is good at Donair Star.  My Lamb Platter had enough meat for 2 meals (but I ate it all anyways).  I particularly enjoyed the thick cuts as it remained moist inside.  I found the flavours to be pretty mild but there was the usual rosemary, onion and garlic hits.  I wasn't huge fan of the rice as it was a bit on the wet side and was even more so with the sauces.  The hummus was smooth, yet a bit too watery and it didn't seem to have enough acidity nor garlic.  Viv's regular-sized Beef Donair was pretty large for the price as they were pretty generous with the meat.  Like the lamb, it was in big chunks ensuring that they were not dried out.
Wanting to try the Chicken Donair out, I returned the next day.  While I was waiting, they were cutting some of the chicken off the rotisserie and it looked juicy and delicious.  However, the meat they used in the donair was a little dry and lacking in moisture.  It did taste good though with caramelization of flavours.  From the items that I tried, Donair Star provides good value (much like other similar joints) and decent eats.  However, I've definitely had better from a variety of places in the GVRD.

The Good:
- Like similar places, it is a good value
- Good portions
- Nice people

The Bad:
- There is better

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LotusRapper said...

That's SO weird, I was just driving by there yesterday, stopped at a red light and looked over to their storefront (feeling hungry).

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