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All Day Cafe

Easter Egg hunts in Vancouver can be an exercise in Russian Roulette.  No, we're not talking about gambling with chocolate eggs, rather, the weather can cause havoc with any Easter plans.  Hence, we decided to take the kiddies to Lonsdale Quay for their indoor egg hunt in the market.  However, with no real organization preventing people from starting before the stated time, only a few kids were fortunate to find any eggs.  Prior to that, we had arrived early and decided to grab some breaky from All Day Cafe.

We had no illusions about the food at All Day Cafe.  The place is more about location and convenience than artisan bakery or high-class brunch.  Hence, it wasn't surprising that the Croissant was only moderately buttery and practically not crispy-at-all on the outside.  Given that, it was still fine as the inside was soft and airy.  My daughter ended up slathering a bunch of jam on it and she was happy.  Viv tried out their Coffee and it was pretty much standard stuff that neither offended or created lasting memories.

With a limited prep area and no kitchen, I wondered how they would produce a Smoked Salmon Benny.  It was pretty apparent as the dish hit the table.  On top of the same croissant, several slices of smoked salmon were dog-piled by a mound of scrambled eggs (actually steamed) and smothered by an obscene amount of Hollandaise.  The sauce was more thick than buttery and more sweet than acidic.  For me, it tasted like the packaged variety.  But, for what it was, it did the job.  Ultimately, our expectations were not very high and that worked in our favour.  Besides, the ladies behind the counter were so sweet and accommodating, it made up for any deficiencies.

The Good:
- Really nice ladies behind the counter
- Food comes out quick
- Nice location

The Bad:
- No kitchen = they do what they can
- Location and view are the draws, not the products

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