Sherman's Food Adventures: Deluxe Beach Restaurant

Deluxe Beach Restaurant

*Restaurant is closed*

I had a great time enjoying eats and beverages out on the patio at Cielos with Pops that I totally forgot that I left my camera in his car (he drove...).  Hence, there I was preparing to attend Latin Flavours while frantically looking for my camera.  When I finally figured out it was not in my possession, I had to resort to my old 60D.  Finally, I could justify my purchase of the 6D to Viv!  So that meant I had to trek all the way out to White Rock again to retrieve my camera.  Not wanting to waste such an effort, Miss Y and I decided to check out Deluxe Beach Restaurant out on Marine Drive in the process.

Trying to maximize variety, we decided to try their Seafood Tasting consisting of Pancetta Prawns, Lobster Guacamole, Tuna Ceviche and Smoked Salmon.  We found the Pancetta Prawns to have a meaty snap while being naturally sweet.  However, it was salty due to both the pancetta and sweet soy reduction.  The Smoked Salmon was not overly dry while being adequately smoky.  It was "okay".  We did like the Lobster Guacamole mostly because of the lobster.  It had a sweet bouncy texture as evidence of proper preparation.  However, the guacamole was rather ordinary needing more acidity.  Lastly, the Tuna Ceviche was fresh and bright with a nice sesame oil finish.  Again, it need more acidity as the flavours were flat.

For my main, I went for the Kobe Burger with smoked cheddar, pancetta, shiitake mushrooms, tomato relish, caramelized onions and dijon.  Served on the side was a berry salad.  I found the meat to be moist while not overly fatty.  It was a rather thick patty, hence, the burger had a meatiness to it.  The combination of ingredients seemed to work as there was a little of everything including the saltiness from the pancetta, Earthy hits from the mushrooms, the sweetness from the onions and acidity from the relish and dijon.  I particularly liked the toasted brioche bun as it was airy soft while holding up to the ingredients.

Miss Y went for the Paella consisting of chorizo sausage, tiger prawns, saffron, arborio rice and oven dried tomatoes.  Um...  if this was a paella, then Vancouver house prices are cheap.  This was more like an overcooked risotto than any paella I've ever had.  This was wet and starchy rather than creamy while the rice was soft.  There was a nice aroma of saffron though and the prawns were on point.  But really, $30.00 for this "paella"???  You gotta be kidding me.  If we ignored the paella for a moment, the other items weren't bad.  However, the prices are really high, even considering its location.

The Good:
- Right on Marine Drive in White Rock (albeit with no view)
- We received really good service

The Bad:
- Overpriced
- What kind of paella was that?

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