Sherman's Food Adventures: Kam Wah Wonton House

Kam Wah Wonton House

For those who wonder why I've been doing so many re-visits in the past year, it is not because I've run out of restaurants to visit.  On the contrary, the main reason is that my initial thoughts 5 years ago may be not only outdated, but honestly, may have been less sophisticated.  Furthermore, some of those older pictures are downright horrible.  So next up on my list of revisits was Kam Wah Wonton House on Scott Road.  Yes, it isn't the most sexy of places, but it was convenient.

I ended up starting with the same bowl of Wonton Soup as I had the last time.  Hey, it is a "wonton house" after all. Well, these were no different than before being comprised of fairly moist pork. I think a side of hot sauce would be almost mandatory especially since the soup itself was quite bland.  For some variety, I chose a Combo which included Beef Chop Suey, Chicken Chow Mein and Sweet & Sour Pork.  This was a large amount of food which was remarkably better than before.  The veggies were crisp while the beef was tender.  With large meaty pieces, the sweet & sour pork was more on the sweet side, but was flavourful nonetheless.  As for the chow mein, it was a bit wet from the other items, but was still chewy and seasoned enough.

I returned the same week to try out 2 regular menu items starting with the Singapore Fried Rice Noodles. Again, it was a massive portion that was also well-made.  With good wok heat, the dish was dry and not-at-all greasy.  There was plenty of curry as well as other seasoning which made the dish impactful.  Hidden within the mound of noodles was a balance amount of lean BBQ pork, crunchy shrimp and veggies.  Lastly, I had the Broccoli Beef and although it was rather saucy, the dish was good.  Vibrant and crunchy, the broccoli was mixed with a good amount of the same tender beef as the chop suey.  Although it won't ever be considered as great Chinese food, my 2 recent visits to Kam Wah proved that they have changed for the better.

The Good:
- Decent eats
- Cheap
- Nice people

The Bad:
- Since it is only a mom n' pop operation, food and service can be slow during peak times
- Meh wontons

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