Sherman's Food Adventures: China World Supermarket

China World Supermarket

Sometimes, the best dining ideas come from reader suggestions.  Frequent commenter LotusRapper gave me the heads up about China World Supermarket in Richmond, where he found inexpensive Chinese BBQ.  At first, I wasn't sure if he was being serious or trying to con me into heading into Richmond to experience traffic purgatory and equally mind-numbing crowds in a supermarket complete with chaotic long lineups.  Well, all of that was true when I headed into the city of courtesy cars, but I will travel for food (even if it means stress).

I was lucky to secure a spot in the parking lot and headed into the market.  Let's just say the market itself was nothing to look at and neither was the BBQ stand.  However, the guy was friendly enough and I proceeded to get a whole BBQ Duck (only half shown in the picture) for $11.99.  Although it looked like the duck had an uneven tan, the skin itself was nicely rendered.  The meat was quite juicy and not overly salty.  The Roast Pork was on the lower end of the Chinese BBQ continuum as it was a touch dry and chewy.  The crackling was crunchy, but not in an airy way, more like a harder texture.

I also got a BBQ Pork on Rice and it was a decent portion for $3.60.  The piece of pork was a leaner piece, hence it wasn't overly juicy.  It was still moist enough though with a decent bark where the marinade penetrated through the meat. It was more savoury than sweet and could've used more glaze.  Overall, the BBQ items were passable and very well-priced.  Not sure if I'd drive back to get it, but if I need a quick cheap lunch, it would be okay.

The Good:
- Cheap
- Decent portions for the price (rice box)
- Person at the counter was nice

The Bad:
- Average
- Could they make something like a lineup in Richmond anymore chaotic?  Yes, I guess they can...

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LotusRapper said...

Fuggit purgatory, you know I'm always tryin' to con you to Richmond or Crystal to experience traffic/parking HELL.

I was there about 2 weeks ago and got a meh set of roast pork. Too lean and the crackling skin was a bit tough and chewy. BBQ pork too was too lean. Mind you it was 4pm and the BBQ counter didn't have much left, so I suspect the earlier part of the day is when you can get the better cuts.

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