Sherman's Food Adventures: Boiling Point

Boiling Point

With only 3 of us heading for eats after the hockey game, we figured that a non-sharing meal was in order (can't really order enough food when we only had 3 people, unless Mijune was around).  We ended up at the newish location of Boiling Point on Kingsway in Burnaby.  With a location in Richmond as well, this US chain brings us individual Asian hot pots for our dining pleasure.  However, after looking at the prices, there is a fairly high cost for having your own bubbling hot pot at your table (with a side of rice).

Bear went for the basic being the Beef Hot Pot.  For $11.99, it sure didn't look like a lot of food.  In fact, when we consider that most of the ingredients were fillers, there wasn't much value to the meal.  Underneath the few pieces of meat and various other ingredients, there was a plethora of Napa cabbage and noodles.  The broth itself was very flavourful and depending what spoonful, it tasted much like satay.  For Milhouse, he had the Korean Kimchi Hot Pot, also for $11.99. His spicy kimchi broth lived up to its namesake and in fact, caused him to have a few coughing fits.  Once again, beyond to top layer, underneath was all filler.

For myself, I had the Japanese Miso which cost a whopping $15.99. It was a larger portion and there was some premium ingredients on top, but again, I didn't feel it was particularly a good value.  The "crab" was pretty small and there was not really much useable meat.  Other than some pork, fish ball and one, count'em one clam, it was again mostly filler.  The soup was salty, but in a good way.  Lastly, I got a side order of the Fermented Tofu for $3.95.  It was pretty standard with a firm, yet moist enough texture.  It was pretty mild in flavour where I would've liked more savouriness.  Alright, I guess it is not lost up on you that I wasn't really a big fan of the place.  As much as it looks like a lot of food for an individual hot pot, the value isn't there in my opinion.  The one positive is that the flavours are pretty decent.

The Good:
- Flavourful broths
- For those who like their own hot pot

The Bad:
- It looks like a lot, but it is mostly filler
- Expensive for what you get

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