Sherman's Food Adventures: Ajuker Fried Chicken

Ajuker Fried Chicken

We all know of the usual late night spots in town as well as the "if there are not other choices" options (ie. Denny's and *gasp* Knight & Day).  However, when it comes to meals after midnight, most do not head out to Coquitlam.  In fact, it is generally the reverse.  However, Sharon mentioned that I should try out Ajuker Fried Chicken out on North Road after Friday night hockey since they are open until 2:00am.  Hey late night (or early morning) fried chicken that doesn't involve Church's?  We were game!

So Milhouse and Lionel Hutz braved the journey East (where some people think there is an imaginary border at Boundary Road) to Ajuker Fried Chicken, which was not the easiest place to spot. "Ajuker" was written in small letters on the window...  We decided to go for all 3 versions of their fried chicken beginning with the Original.  Sporting a crunchy batter that was properly seasoned, the chicken itself was succulent and juicy.  It was also seasoned enough that we it tasted good on its own.  Now with that being said, the Soy version was even better with a good balance of salty and sweetness.  The flavouring didn't soften the crunchy batter while still offering up a flavour similar to soy butter in Japanese pasta.

The third type was the Spicy fried chicken and it was a bit too saucy for our tastes.  It was definitely sweet, spicy and full-flavoured, but it degraded the crunchiness of the outside and it was all that we tasted.  However, this was purely subjective and we suspect many people would still like this.  I do think their fried chicken is better than Dasarang at a lower price.  We didn't just eat fried chicken and called it a meal.  Rather, we also had the Spicy Cheese Rice Cake.  Texturally, these were good being chewy and soft enough without being gummy.  They were mildly spicy while being hearty with the abundance of melted cheese on top.

Our last item was the Fried Pork Cutlet that was absolutely a huge portion.  However, we weren't really big fans of it since the meat was super thin and dry.  The breading was good though being crispy, light and not overly greasy.  Despite the appearance of too much mayo, it didn't eat as such. Judging from the last 2 dishes we ate, we agreed that the fried chicken was the star.  Well-prepared and well-priced, this is the spot to hit up when one has the late night Korean fried chicken cravings.

The Good:
- Well-prepared fried chicken
- Reasonably-priced

The Bad:
- The other 2 dishes we tried were so-so
- Place is a bit run-down 


Mishaela said...

Oh man I love this place! Being run down is part of its charm ;) There's an Ajuker Chicken chain in Korea.. probably not the same hahah.

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