Sherman's Food Adventures: Soft Peaks

Soft Peaks

Okay, let me get this out of the way first - I love Soft Peaks.  So there, yes, I am biased and not afraid to admit it in this case.  Really, why do I love soft-serve ice cream that will set me back $5.00+ dollars?  Simple, they make it right, with organic Avalon milk and take it easy on the sugar.  Okay, enough of that.  The real reason for this post is about their new Ice Milk Bars that are somewhat akin to ones found at Popbar except with soft serve as opposed to gelato (also smaller and costing less).

Thanks to Jacqueline, we were invited to try these new creations including the Matcha and Mango Bars respectively.  Texturally, I found the bars to be somewhere between soft and mildly firm.  It greatly depended on the actual flavour (as the ingredients go a long way in determining the melting time).  Regardless of that, all of them were smooth and creamy.  I found the mango to taste naturally fresh while easy on the sugar.  As for the matcha, it was pretty textbook with only a mild aftertaste. The other 2 flavours consisted of Natural Milk and Blueberry.  Despite its ho-hum appearance and expected taste, I didn't mind the milk flavour.  It was light, creamy and of course marginally sweet.  It was like eating a soft peaks sundae (by itself) on a stick.  I guess that was pretty obvious.  Despite the dark purple colour, the blueberry was very mild-tasting. 

Now you didn't expect these bars to be served plain like that right?  Well, you could decide on a naked bar, but it can be further amped.  Similar to their sundaes, the bars could be enhanced with familiar toppings.  From left to right, we found mango atop the bar with the same name, blueberry with blueberries and toasted coconut, matcha with red bean and condensed milk, natural milk with yuzu marmalade, natural milk with tim tam and chocolate and I wasn't really sure of the last one.  These were visually appealing and after trying a few, they were just as good as their sundaes.  However, I find that it essentially cancels out their portability.  For me personally, I would eat them plain so I could walk down the street without using 2 hands.  Otherwise, if you really wanted toppings, you can go back to their original sundaes. 

That I did with a few flavours of their soft-serve I have yet to try including the North Pole Breakfast and Rocky Mountain.  Consisting of caramel and cereal, the simplicity of the North Pole Breakfast was rather appetizing.  It didn't interfere with the creamy milkiness of the soft serve.  Instead, it added just a touch more sweetness and a light crunch.  As for the Rocky Mountain, he addition of chocolate syrup also sweetened things up while the toasted coconut was aromatic and offered up a light crunch.  These 2 reminded me of how much I love the ice cream at Soft PeaksI like the bars too, but my personal preference is to pony up a bit more money for their signature items.

*All samples were complimentary*

The Good:
- Bars are portable and can be eaten with one hand
- Bars are not too soft nor too stiff
- Similar to the soft serve, the bars are not too sweet, but still have enough flavour

The Bad:
- I personally prefer the sundaes if toppings are involved
- Bars could be a bit large IMO     


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