Sherman's Food Adventures: On Yogurt

On Yogurt

Remember when Yogen Fruz was the only froyo player in town?  As much as I don't mind the place, we wouldn't be blessed with more flamboyant and interesting options until the appearance of Scoop! and then the explosion of froyo with Qoola, Pinkberry and Menchies.  To be honest, as much as I don't mind the occasional serving of candy-ladened froyo, it is far too sweet and artificial tasting.  This is where On Yogurt enters the fray, offering Canada's first "ice-fried" yogurt (with certain similarities to Marble Slab).  Along with other bloggers and IGers, I was hosted by Jacqueline for a menu tasting.

We got right down to it with a couple of Yogurt Shakes including the Strawberry Banana and Passionfruit.  For me, I loved the smooth consistency and the fact it didn't even taste like yogurt.  I found the passionfruit to be really sweet with its classic tang.  It was super potent and probably could've been dialed down a bit in terms of sugar.  For that reason, I preferred the strawberry banana as it was more subtle and aromatic from the bananas.

As for the yogurt, we started with the Green Forrest with matcha, red bean & condensed milk.  This was smooth and relatively mild-tasting with only a purposeful amount of green tea bitterness.  I found that the condensed milk was necessary in adding sweetness to the lightly flavoured yogurt.  Naturally, the sweetened red bean was a nice compliment.  Next, we tried the Chocoholic with chocolate, Kit Kat, chocolate chips & syrup.  Despite the appearance of being sickingly sweet, this concoction was not.  There was definitely enough chocolate in play due to the ingredients.  I liked the crunch of the Kit Kat and firmness of the chips.

One of my favourites was the Passionate Peanut sporting Almond, Cashew, Peanut & Caramel.  This tasted as described with an aromatic nutty creaminess that was easy on the sugar.  Naturally, the crunch of the nuts added texture to the smooth ice-fried and rolled up yogurt which didn't interfere with the creaminess. If this was crunchy, the next one, aptly named Crunchy Bites was even more so.  It sported original yogurt with Oreo, Skor pieces and caramel.  I found this one much sweeter due to the ingredients involved.  There was definitely texture and sweetness added from the Skor and Oreo pieces.

Possibly because it was fruity, the Juicy was a refreshing change.  It consisted of peach, pineapple & popping pearl strawberry which again was sweet, but not to the point where it overshadowed the fruity flavours.  Personally, I would've preferred fresh fruit as opposed to the canned variety, but I guess the price point would've went up considerably.  Looking even more colourful than the juicy, the Rainbow sported marshmallows, banana, rainbow sprinkles & caramel.  Due to the addition of such sugary ingredients, this ate rather sweet.  For me, this wasn't my favourite due to the amount of processed sweet items.

We also wanted to try their monthly feature in the Salted Caramel with puffed rice Brazilian sea salt and caramel.  Although fairly sweet, I liked this as the caramel was appealing salty and only sugary enough.  I loved the addition of the crispy rice as it provided a light crunch.  Right beside it we had the Earl Grey with Oreo, cashews and cheesecake.  I found the tea flavour to be evident while the rest of the ingredients added a bit too many competing flavours. To end things off, we got a fruity one with the Blueberry topped with more blueberries.  Nothing complex about this one other than it was a refreshing and lightly sweet way to finish things off.  Personally, I was more fond of the fruity creations rather than the heavily candy topped versions.  That way I could actually taste the individual flavours with a lower sugar content.

*All yogurts were complimentary*

The Good:
- Different take on "frozen" yogurt with a firmer texture and not as sweet
- Lots of combinations available

The Bad:
- The house creations with lots of candy and toppings muddled up the flavours a bit



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