Sherman's Food Adventures: Seoul Doolbaegi

Seoul Doolbaegi

JuJu, being the Korean that he is, usually doesn't request to eat Korean food after Sunday morning hockey.  Rather, he is game for practically any other food out there.  However, this Sunday was different as he wanted food from the motherland.  Problem being, most of the better Korean restaurants were not located near Britannia Ice Rink.  Seeing how driving out to North Road was not really an option, we decided to hit up Seoul Dollbaegi (located in the former original location of Jang Mo Jib).

We chowed down on some Banchan first and it was nice to see all the classics were there including the stewed potato, sprouts, spicy daikon and kimchi.  All of them were solid especially the soft cubes of potato that still retained their shape and integrity.  They were sweet, but not overly so.  Kimchi was solid too with a firm crunch that gave way to balanced flavours with a nice spice and tang.  

JuJu ordered some steamed Mandoo and they were pretty average.  The ratio of meat-to-green onion was off where there was too much green onion (dominated the flavour profile).  Texturally, the pork filling was overprocessed to the point where there was no real texture other than mushy.  We did enjoy the dumpling skin (despite it being a bit soft) as it was thin and barely there.  Milhouse and I decided to share some dishes including the Dolset Bibimbap.  This arrived sizzling hot which enabled a rice crust to form even after mixing.  The rice itself was not too wet where it was chewy and formed the aforementioned crust.  We liked how the beef was hand-diced rather than being ground up.  However, we weren't fans of the lettuce as it got slimy when cooked.

We also had the Japchae which was a modest portion, yet at the same time, it was only a bit over $10.00.  The noodles were not overdone while the flavours were marginally sweet.  There wasn't a whole lot of meat to be found, but when there was, it was sliced thin and tender.  The sparse amount of veggies were on point being vibrant and still crisp.  For myself, I had to get something offal in the Naejang GooksooMenu said there was spleen, but all I could see was tripe.  It was tender though while retaining a chewy.  It wasn't overly gamy indicating it had been rinsed properly.  The flour noodles were on the softer side while the broth was creamy and sweet (after I added some salt).

JuJu ended up with a soup for his main being the Kimchi Jigae served with rice.  Dripping with sweat and looking like he had just been through a marathon, JuJu thought the soup was pretty spicy.  I took a spoonful and yep, it was impactful and lingering.  There was a sufficient amount of soft tofu and tender pork to go with the spicy broth.  The meal as a whole was pretty solid and definitely a nice departure from the other stuff we've been eating after Sunday morning hockey.  We felt it was a good value and the ladies there were pretty friendly.

The Good:
- Reasonably-priced
- Solid eats
- Friendly ladies

The Bad:
- Can't think of any...  maybe the seats are a little uncomfortable?  


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