Sherman's Food Adventures: Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Angel Cafe

Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Angel Cafe

After my last minute decision to go for something close and simple by the St. Lawrence Market, we had time on our hands.  Viv suggested we hit up Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Angel Cafe because there was no better time.  Wow, she actually didn't object to overeating Who replaced her with this person I do not recognize?  Now for those unfamiliar with Uncle Tetsu, they specialize in Japanese cheesecake which is usually lighter and less sweet than the North American variety.  The Angel Cafe is an offshoot of their take-out only location where lineups are commonplace.  Another interesting feature are the "maid" waitresses who not only provide attentive service, they do singing performances as well on the stage.  A little different yes, but it was all the rage in Japan at one point.

At first, I was going to order one each of the 3 featured items, but Viv spotting the Tasting Platter that had a little of everything.  Well that was a good idea!  It included the fluffy Original and Matcha Cheesecake as well as the Lunar Yuzu Original and Matcha, Chocolate.  We also got the Angel Hat Cake in strawberry and original.  Lastly, there was the Matcha Ice Cream.  The fluffy Japanese cheesecake was light and airy while being not sweet at all.  I found that the original was a good base for any of the accompanying sauces.  As for the matcha, it was also not sweet with an appealing bitter aftertaste.  The lunar style was more similar to the North American style being richer and creamier.  I found the original was tangy from the yuzu and slightly sweeter as well as cheesier.  The matcha seemed more intense in this form.  The kids loved the chocolate as it was rich, silky and purposefully sweet.

The light and sponge-like Angel Hat Cake was barely sweet with only the lightest flavour, even the strawberry (that tasted like Pocky).  We found the sauces were necessary to amp the flavour and moisture for the 2 slices.  Melty and decently sweet, the flavourful matcha ice cream had a nice bitter aftertaste as well. On the side were 3 sauces including Matcha, Chocolate and Strawberry.  I found the matcha to be intense and concentrated while the chocolate was sweet and silky.  The strawberry tasted quite natural with a light tang to go with the purposeful sweetness.  Viv also had the Matcha Latte which didn't sport the cute bear or cat or whatever, so we felt kinda slighted.  It was creamy and milky while not too sweet with a bitter aftertaste.  So to answer the question, "is it worth lining up for?", I would say not really, but if you can get it with little wait, it is good for sure.

The Good:
- If you like light and airy with minimal sweetness
- If you like the "maid" thing

The Bad:
- It isn't cheap
- Good, but not sure if I'd lineup for it


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