Sherman's Food Adventures: Virtuous Pie

Virtuous Pie

The likelihood that I willingly and knowingly make a visit to a vegetarian and/or vegan restaurant is pretty slim.  Now add in the fact that I had to "fool" my son into eating anything remotely close to his non-preferred foods makes it even more remote.  I think if I had told him straight up that we were bound for Virtuous Pie would elicit nightmarish screams and protest.  However, we really went there and yes, I didn't say a word.  To be fair, from what I've heard, the place ain't bad especially when no meat or cheese is involved.

Well, it wasn't too much of a stretch (sorry for the pun) for him to try their version of the classic Margherita Pizza.  This featured San Marzano tomato sauce, cashew mozzarella and fresh basil on a 3-day hand-stretched crust.   Normally, most thin-crust pizzas are generally softer in the middle, but not this one.  It was firmly crunchy (and a bit dry) emulating a hard cracker-like texture.  I found the tomato sauce to be decently flavourful with a mild tang.  The cashew mozzarella did its job and fooled my son.  However, the "Italian Field Roast Sausage" on the Flower & Water didn't emulate meat enough for him to like it.  For me, I love gluten and the texture was spot on.  The pizza was a little spicy with a strong roasted fennel sweetness as well as the aromatics from the confit garlic.

We also got the Super Funghi with scalloped potatoes, truffle almond ricotta, wild mushrooms and rocket.  This was noticeably Earthy and aromatic with the robust texture of the potatoes.  It was drier than the other 2 pizzas though.  To change things up, we tried their Potato Salad sporting firm chunks of purple and regular nugget potatoes.  There was a considerable amount of dill and onion flavour.  I also enjoyed the large amount of plump mushrooms.  So, from reading my post, you can clearly see I wasn't turned off by the non-meat and cheese pizzas.  To be honest, I would prefer a typical Neapolitan pizza more, but this wasn't bad at all.

The Good:
- Fairly appealing for a vegan pizza
- Simple and minimalist, yet modern

The Bad:
- For meat-eaters, this may not replace the real thing.   


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