Sherman's Food Adventures: Market Street Catch

Market Street Catch

Originally, we had reservations at The Good Son, run by Top Chef Canada alum, Vittorio Colacitti, however, we were just not wanting to go very far from St. Lawrence Market.  Call it travel fatigue (even though it was only 3 days into our 24 day adventure), so we ended up across the street at Market Street Catch (sister restaurant to Buster's Sea Cove found in the market itself).  Besides, we were on the "see-food" diet where we saw food across the street and wanted to eat it.  Ironic that that they served "seafood" as well.

To start things off, we got both the Seafood Chowder and Lobster BisqueThick and relatively creamy, the chowder was chock full of tender potatoes, soften carrots and very little in the way of seafood.  When we did find some, the clams were tender and buttery.  There were a few baby scallops and even smaller pieces of fish.  I found the broth to be fairly mild with only a touch of brininess and very little saltiness.  As for the bisque, it was too thick in my opinion because it seemed too chowder-like.  It wasn't very silky as there were bits of things including dry lobster or at least I thought it was lobster.  There really should've been at least a few token pieces.  In terms of taste, it was more tomatoey than the classic lobster aromaticness. 

For my main, I decided on the Seafood Linguine which was a pretty generous portion of fairly al denta pasta.  It was drenched in a bit too much sauce which made the dish rather heavy.  I did find it balanced between tomato and cream.  Although there wasn't a wealth of seafood, the 3 large prawns were on point being meaty with a buttery snap.  There were only a few baby scallops and as many mussels as you see in the picture.  I thought there was a bit too much in the way of red onion which dominated the flavour profile.  Viv ended up with the Grilled Arctic Char which was beautifully grilled with a tasty and smoky char.  The fish was well-seasoned while moist and flaky on the inside.

My son had the Cod and Chips which was also a huge portion, especially for $11.50.  The 2 pieces of fish were prepared properly with a light crunchy batter and flaky soft fish on the inside.  We found the fries to be rather overdone though as they were dense and more chewy than crispy.  Tartar sauce was pretty good being creamy with some tang. As much as this was an inexpensive meal that worked out due to its location, the food for us was hit and mostly miss.  Hence, your experience can be wildly different depending on what you order.

The Good:
- Large portions
- Reasonable pricing
- Casual and good for families

The Bad:
- Food is hit and miss
- Seating gets scarce during peak times   


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