Sherman's Food Adventures: Figo


Waking up early is not something I tend to do during my holidays.  However, when it means we can avoid lineup hell, I am more than up for it.  That was the plan as we headed down the TTC with people on their way to work in packed subway cars.  The destination?  The iconic and touristy trapish CN Tower.  Well, it was a nice view and since we didn't have to wait nor was it super busy when we went at 9:00am in the morning, I guess the experience was rather pleasant.  I couldn't say the same for the packed and one-way only congested Ripley's Aquarium of Canada.  After all this, we were hungry and made our way to the nearby and newly opened Figo.

We started with their popular Zucchini Fritti with lemon creama fresca and honey.  Oh wow, these were really good!  Normally, fried zucchini can be rather wet, but the thinly sliced ones here were crunchy throughout due in part to the batter (which stayed adhered to each piece).  Although a bit sweet, the honey added a tasty stickiness to the fried product while the lemon creama fresca provided the brightness and acidity needed.  Onto the mains, we tried their Margherita Pizza which looked well-constructed.  It featured a crispy thin crust that was well-seasoned and a chewy interior.  The tart and bright tomato sauce was impactful while the fresh basil on top was aromatic.  The only thing I would've liked to see was more leoparding on the bottom of the crust.

We shared a couple of pastas including the Bucatini with wild boar ragu.  The pasta was firmly al dente with a noticeable bite and chew (which we enjoyed).  There was a considerable amount of meat which made the dish rather hearty.  Being wild boar, it was definitely lean and was reflected by the dry and chewy texture of the meat.  Flavours were mild though with very little tang nor salt.  Instead it tasted very meaty.  Our next pasta was my favourite in the Tagliatelle with clams, chili and dill.  Resting in an aromatic and briny broth, the pasta did not soften too much.  The buttery and tender noodles were lightly flavoured by the sweetness of onion, fennel and the spiciness of the chili.  Subtle yet not bland, this was a good tasting pasta.

Lastly, we had the Meatball Sandwich with smoked provolone, arugula and tomato.  This was zesty and spicy where the tomato sauce was the star of the show.  A little crumbly in texture, the meatballs were moist and meaty.  Flavours were subtle, but the strong flavour from the sauce kept things interesting.  Overall, we enjoyed our meal, the vibe and service at Figo.  Pricing was acceptable given its location and food quality.  We really loved sitting out on the patio as it was spacious and comfortable.  We only wished the service didn't become sparse once it got busy.

The Good:
- Fairly appealing eats
- Loved the patio
- Okay pricing

The Bad:
- Crust on pizza could use a bit more charring
- Service was good, but stretched when it got busy  


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