Sherman's Food Adventures: Sulbing Cafe

Sulbing Cafe

Often, we see copy-cats quickly pounce on a popular trend in town.  For instance, the poke craze is probably the best example where there have been so many opening up, it is almost impossible to keep track of them.  However, it seems that the bingsoo train has been a bit slow in arriving at the station.  Snowy Village burst onto the scene and deserved all the kudos they received.  Yet, the copy-cats were not as many as one would think, especially with the popularity of the dessert.  Currently, my favourite is My Frosty out on Renfrew, but there is another one I haven't tried up until my recent visit to Arisu.  Located a few stores down, Sulbing was the perfect dessert after a filling Korean BBQ meal.

As per usual, we got my favourite in the Mango Cheese Bingsoo and also Girl Smiley's favourite being the Green Tea.  Similar to the current size at Jack Frost, the ones at Sulbing can be described as adequate.  Personally, I'm not all that offended by the smaller sizes since it is pretty hard to finish them in general.  I found the mango to be pretty tasty and sweet with fluffy semi-sweet snow underneath.  Little nuggets of cheesecake surrounded the ice cream.  Loved how they provided a side of condensed milk on the side to customize the sweetness.  With 2 scoops on ice cream on top and bits of mochi with red bean on the side, the green tea was pretty decent.  Again, the sweetness level was moderate, hence the green tea came through with a slight bitterness.  Usually, I'm not a fan of red bean, but with the mochi, it was good.

For something different, we got the Chocolate Mint featuring chocolate brownie bites, Oreo bits and mint ice cream.  This was the sweetest bingsoo of the bunch due to the ingredients involved.  Not one that I would necessarily order for myself, but the kiddies devoured it.  Beyond the usual chocolate sugariness of the Oreos and brownies, the mint ice cream added a nice balance.  Overall, we were satisfied with the items we tried at Sulbing and wondered why there are so few bingsoo options along North Road (it's like K-Town after all).  

The Good:
- More than respectable bingsoo
- Lots of options
- Customizable sweetness with side of condensed milk

The Bad:
- Portions are smallish
- Parking in the complex sucks
- Tables are narrow and flimsy


Mishaela said...

Sulbing isn’t really a copycat though.. it’s a massive chain from Korea. Probably one of the bigger players of the worldwide bingsoo craze.

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