Sherman's Food Adventures: My Frosty

My Frosty

I know I am repeating myself every now and then when I say that we are a society of crazes and copy-cats.  Other than the explosion of poke joints and mille crepe cafes in town, the other hot ticket item has been Korean bingsoo.  It all started with Snowy Village (now with several locations) and their fluffy snow and delicious tayakis.  Then the others jumped on board including Sulmida and Passion8.  The newest to join the fray is My Frosty, which to me at least, should be called Mr. Frosty due to their signage.  But whatever...

I paid them a visit one day and decided to try out the Matcha and also the Mango Bingsoo in small.  Prices were around $10.00 which is pretty much par for the course.  Portion size was also pretty standard, but at the very least, it was a fair for the price.  Most of the time, matcha bingsoo looks the part but hardly tastes the part.  Not here though as the airy and snowy flakes were flavourful without being too sweet and not overly bitter either.  The red bean was sweet of course, but not overwhelming.  I liked the mango as well where it was ripe, but not overripe.  The snow was milky and flavourful while being airy and light.  Loved how it was refreshing and purposefully sweet.

I returned a few days later and tried the Chocolate as well as the Strawberry Bingsoo.  Dressed impressively with cubes of chocolate cake, Beuno, ice cream and a brownie, the chocolate bingsoo looked good.  However, I found the snow to be not chocolately enough to match its appearance.  Texturally, it was still fine and the cubes of cake were fluffy while the brownie wasn't too sweet.  I guess it was par for the course with anything Asian and chocolate.  Essentially the same as the mango bingsoo, the strawberry was just a bit more tart and less sweet.  I liked how there was ice cream and corn flakes embedded in the snow.  If we were to compare with the others, I would say My Frosty gives Snowy Village a run for its money.

The Good:
- Delicate and not-to-sweet milky snow
- Good fruit/topping-to-snow ratio
- Friendly service

The Bad:
- Where's the water?
- Limited seating


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