Sherman's Food Adventures: Snowy Village

Snowy Village

I gotta say...  after resisting IG for the longest time, I'm totally addicted to the endless stream of food pictures.  I can't seem to put my phone down to have a proper conversation with anyone!  So it is by no coincidence that I've had a steady supply of Snowy Village pics over the past few months.  I never did make it out to their original Richmond location as it was never convenient to do so.  After a recent visit with Sean, I also made a subsequent revisit a week later with Joyce, Grace, Sophia, Kirsty, Nancy and Diana.

We decided to try their Red Bean Taiyaki, yet for some reason, we got 2 for the price of one.  Hey, we weren't going to complain!  As you can see in the picture, one was more tanned than the other.  Not much difference in texture as both were crispy and flaky much like a croissant.  However, the darker one did have a more intense caramel flavour.  Okay, we have an inherent bias against red bean anything, but this one was bearable.  Texture was not too gritty and it was pretty sweeet. The free one turned out to be Sweet Potato.  We found it too heavy and mild-tasting for our liking.

For our Bingsoo, we got one each of the Mango and Oreo (large size).  These were pretty decently portioned for the price (the amount of mango).  I thought that the amount of ripe mango was generous (although a bit overripe).  The ice underneath was fairly fluffy and purposefully sweet.  I would order this again and gladly pay the $14.00 (some might disagree).  At first, I was pretty concerned with the Oreo as the addition of the cookie can make any dessert super sweet.  This was not the case.  It was sweet yes, but not overwhelmingly.  I enjoyed the crunch of the crushed cookie with the fluffy ice.

The same good things could not be said about the Green Tea or Injeolmi (small size).  I didn't get much in the way of any aromatics and bitterness from the tea.  In fact, all I got was red bean.  As for the Injeolmi, it was also mild-tasting (but that was expected) where the red bean took over.  I did enjoy the aromatics though and the chewy rice cake.  Despite being the small size, I found that they were more than enough to share (not sure if one needs the large).  Overall, we had a hit and miss experience at Snowy Villlage.  We loved the mango and Oreo bingsoo as well as the taiyaki pastry.  The green tea and injeolmi bingoo was so-so and the fillings for the taiyaki were nothing special.

The Good:
- Reasonably priced for the portion size
- Depending on the flavour you choose, it can be pretty good (mango in this case)

The Bad:
- After 2 visits, I found things a bit sweet (although some flavours can be more mild)
- Not many seats to be had     


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