Sherman's Food Adventures: Snackshot


Okay, I'm sure you've seen it - mahjong tiles accompanied by money served on a platter.  Served on a platter?  Huh?  You see, it is a whimsical play on dessert with coconut and red bean pudding combined posing as mahjong tiles.  This dessert is found at Snackshot on Granville Street.  At first glance, it looks like the real deal, but alas, you are supposed to eat it.  I dismissed this as a gimmick and never actually gave another thought to try it.  Finally, I relented because we couldn't think of any other place to go for dessert.  The reason for this is we have either tried most of the other spots and/or there aren't enough dessert spots in town!

Okay, let's just get right to it.  The menu stated there is a limit of 15 of the Mahjong Dessert and we were able to snag it.  Possibly one of the most whimsical dessert presentations in town with coconut/red bean pudding doubling as mahjong tiles and edible rice paper money.  At first glance, the whole platter is a dead ringer for the real thing.  Looks are one thing, but how about the execution?  Well, I'm glad to report that the pudding was actually good.  Silky in texture being not too soft nor firm, the coconut pudding was aromatic without too much sweetness.  Not sure what the red bean sauce was for because we didn't really use it.  Another one of their signature items is their Dessert Tofu.  We decided on the black sesame version and it was also on point.  Silky and not watery, the tofu was in a beautiful shade of light black.  It was nutty and aromatic, but further amped by the side of brown sugar, simple syrup and black sesame sauce.

For no better reason that to try more items, we also added the Mango Trio (really a mango sago) with rice cake (little mochi bites).   This was also on point and a delight to eat.  The creamy, yet not too thick, "soup" was the right cool temperature with little pops of tapioca pearls, mango and mochi bites.  The one scoop of mango ice cream added more sweetness and creaminess, but wasn't overwhelming.  Lastly, we went for something savoury in the seemingly simple Curry Fish Tofu.  Yes, the large squares of fried fish tofu was pretty standard, but the curry was what set this apart.  Thick, a bit chunky and full-flavoured, the curry was spicy and impactful.  Definitely a good compliment to the mango trio.  So the stuff at Snackshot is pretty gimmicky (including the drinks with a bottle in it that we didn't try), but overall execution is strong.  Prices are a little high, but worth a try regardless.

The Good:
- Whimsical desserts
- Good service
- Solid stuff

The Bad:
- Expensive 


Unknown said...

Please leave the prices, there no point of reference for us if you just say “expensive” that’s kind of a subjective thing but overall Good review

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