Sherman's Food Adventures: SeaQuake Brewing

SeaQuake Brewing

A long time ago, Viv and I stayed over in Crescent City on our way back home from the Bay Area.  I remembered that we had eaten at some random Chinese restaurant on US-101 and it sucked balls.  Well, it was our fault for doing so!  This time around, we were not going to do that again.  Originally, I had planned on visiting Chart House, but once again, like restaurants in Coos Bay, it was not open for dinner on a Tuesday.  As a backup plan, we made the short 10 minute walk to the newish SeaQuake Brewing down the street from where we were staying.

The place was absolutely hopping for a Tuesday night and luckily I called ahead of time to put my name on the waiting list.  Things got off to a strong start with the Calamari served with both tomato and tartar sauce.  Featuring large strips of tender squid (that still had a good amount of bite left) coated in crunchy panko breading, the whole thing ate well and it went fast.  We thought the tomato sauce was too sweet though.  Normally, a Caesar Salad isn't anything exciting to talk about but this one was pretty tasty.  First of all, it was a large portion for $7.00.  Second, the flavours were impactful without being salty.  Huge hits of buttery garlickiness from the crunchy croutons.  The massive amount of cheese on top didn't hurt things either.

We also shared a La Carne Pizza sporting pepperoni, salami, bacon and sausage.  This thing was covered with ooey gooey cheese.  Either there wasn't any tomato sauce or there wasn't much of it because all we could see was thick layer of cheese.  On top of that, there was so much meat that we could've made a sandwich with.  As such, this thing ate very hearty and had loads of salt and spice.  Lastly, the crust was medium-thick and not dense.  The kids split a Mac n' Cheese and it was plenty cheesy as well.  The sauce was a bit thin though, yet still tasted good.  Loved the addition of bacon in the cooking process as it was smoky and salty.  Noodles could've been less cooked.

Viv and I shared the Burger and it was prepared medium.  The patty was so large, it was wider than the soft brioche bun.  It was nicely seared on the outside and moist on the inside.  Big beef flavour.  Loved the sweet onion jam as it added plenty of punch.  Fresh tomato completed this good burger.  The side of parm fries were a little overfried, hence losing most of the remaining potato texture.  We also shared a Flight consisting of Guava, Mango Cider, Citra, Blonde, Pale Ale and Lime Sour.  My favourite had to be the lime sour as it was tangy and helped cut through the greasy and salty food we were eating.  The citra was on the same track except being more refreshing than sour.  So we weren't expecting solid eats on our stop at Crescent City, but thankfully we stumbled upon SeaQuake as it was actually good.  If you are ever passing through, give it a try.

The Good:
- Solid eats
- Good brews
- Relaxed casual setting

The Bad:
- Wait can be long
- For some reason, the inside seating was much pretty warm, sitting outside was better, but then got pretty cold


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