Sherman's Food Adventures: Musashi's


Here we go again, another Summer vacay and plenty of eating...  However, this time, it would be different as we were planning on doing a long road trip rather than flying.  Our 3 week journey would take us down the Oregon coast to Los Angeles, then to Vegas, Zion, Antelope and Byrce Canyon, Salt Lake City, Yellowstone, Kelowna and back.  To start things off, we made a visit to Goose's place so I could pick up some items I ordered.  After that, we made our way to the nearby Musashi's for a quick and relatively healthy lunch.  This was in anticipation of all the other not-so-healthy eats that were on the itinerary!

Much like Fremont Bowl, Musashi's is famous for their Chirashi Don.  My son didn't waste anytime looking at the menu as he made up his mind once he walked into the place.  Although not quite as epic as the one found at Fremont Bowl, the one here was good nonetheless.  It featured tuna, salmon, yellow tail, unagi, red tuna, scallop, shrimp and flying fish roe.  Things were fresh and textures were on point.  This was especially true for the salmon and yellow tail exhibiting buttery textures and sweet flavour.  The rice underneath was chewy and not overly wet not dry.  Very satisfying and well-priced.  For my daughter, she went for the Lunch Assorted Sushi Plate consisting of 1 piece each of tuna, yellow tail, prawn and salmon nigiri as well as 8 pieces of assorted maki.  We found the nigiri to be good where the fish was just as fresh as the chirashi don.  However, the maki was rolled too tightly where the rice was hard and dense.  

Viv ended up with the Special Bento with chicken & beef skewers, sashimi, tamago and grilled veggies.  Once again, the sashimi was solid with ...  The skewers were fairly large with charred marinated meat.  They could've been possibly cooked a little less, but they were not dry either.  Also charred, the veggies were smoky and not overdone.  Impressively constructed, the tamago was buttery soft with just the right amount of sweetness.  For myself, I had the Salmon Kama with rice.  It was cooked perfectly where the meat was buttery and moist.  With a squeeze of lemon, there was enough natural flavours to make a subtle impact.  There was so much rice on the plate, I couldn't finish it.  Overall, we thought Musashi's was decent.  The chirashi don as well as the nigiri were pretty spot on but the maki was actually terrible.  It may have been a one-off, but I'd steer away from the maki sushi personally.

The Good:
- Fish looked and tasted good
- Simple focused menu
- Nice people

The Bad:
- Maki was terrible
- Small place, fills up easily


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