Sherman's Food Adventures: Sweet Honey Dessert

Sweet Honey Dessert

Since we didn't have dessert at the Jade Seafood Restaurant, Mijune and I made the short hop over to Sweet Honey Dessert.  Even though it was literally a few blocks away, classic Richmond traffic made it an adventure.  Once we got into the parking lot, part 2 of the adventure involved fighting for a parking spot.  Ah yes, the joys of dining in Richmond!  The reason we decided on Sweet Honey Dessert was their puppy ice cream that has been all over IG in the past half-year.  Yep, we finally bought into the hype...

So yes, we got the Puppy Ice Cream that only had one choice of flavour - Mango.  I got to say that the puppy was cute and even the fur was emulated perfectly.  Looks aside, Mijune quickly cut the puppy in half and started digging in.  #savage  Anyways, I felt the flavour was not that apparent as it tasted more like imitation mango that you would've find at some Dim Sum spots.  Furthermore, the texture was off-putting with a gelatin-like start and a sticky ending mouth-feel.  There was far too many stabilizers in there where they thing didn't even melt after an hour.  

That was not good, but the Mango Sago with premium tofu was refreshing and tasty. Normally, I find tofu desserts suffer from an overwhelming "soy milk-like" flavour that cannot be masked by anything (even copious amounts of sugar).  I know some people love the taste, but for me, it isn't appealing.  This was not the case here as the tofu was silky and smooth without much of an aftertaste.  Furthermore, the subtle mango hits were enough for impact while the sweetness was restrained.  Considering that fact, it was impressive that the tofu did not dominate the flavour profile.

Lastly, and probably the best dessert we had was the Cheese Souffle Pancakes accompanied by an array of fresh fruit.  Okay, my experience with these types of pancakes have been limited, but this has been the best so far.  They were fully cooked while fluffy and airy.  We got a good taste of the cheese and the sweetness was muted.  I would come back for this rather than the puppy ice cream.  That pretty much sums it up as the 2 non-puppy desserts were on point.  I guess the ol' adage is true - things that look great on IG may and generally are not as good as they appear.

The Good:
- Souffle pancakes are texturally on point
- Spacious and clean
- Fairly friendly servers

The Bad:
- Desserts could be bland for some (I didn't mind personally)
- Parking really sucks
- The puppy ice cream sucks even more


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