Sherman's Food Adventures: Matt's BBQ

Matt's BBQ

With the unpredictable traffic that often afflicts Tacoma, we were stuck in the parking lot aka I-5 near the Tacoma Dome.  It wasn't even rush hour!  That severely delayed our arrival time in Portland which meant our eating plans would have to change.  Originally, I wanted to hit up Tasty & Daughters, but showing up during the dinner rush would mean no table for us!  So we went to plan B and hit up Matt's BBQ conveniently located in a food cart pod out on Mississippi Ave.  Beyond the threat of running out of meat, the place fit our schedule as it was casual and allowed my daughter to get her ramen fix while we went for BBQ.

We ended up getting The Whole Shebang for 2 sporting beef brisket, pork side ribs, pulled pork, sausage, potato salad, coleslaw, pit beans, white bread and pickles.  The best thing on the platter had to be the beef brisket as it was juicy and tender with a flavorful bark.  Peppery and smoky, the rub made the brisket super tasty even without any BBQ sauce.  The pulled pork was also good being moist and juicy.  It was super tender without any dry stringy portions.  Fatty and meaty, the pork sausage exhibited an appealing snap casing (maybe a bit too greasy).  Not to be outdone, the side of potato salad was fantastic.  Instead of overloading it with useless filler, it mainly consisted of potato and egg.  Therefore, it was simple and clean-tasting.  It was generally smooth with a few chunks here and there.  For an extra $3.00, we also got the Queso Mac n' Cheese.  It was freakin' fantastic!  So cheesy and creamy with a touch of spice.  Also, the noodles were still al dente.

My son had the Sliced Brisket Sandwich which was also good due to the same tender meat.  There was more than enough of it to make it a filling meal.  Loved the bun as they toasted and flattened it.  The result was a crispy exterior that held up to the meat and subsequent sauce.  We had the tangy coleslaw served on the side which brightened up the whole thing when combined.  If you can imagine, the food was pretty straightforward at Matt's, but it was done right.  Loved their take on mac n' cheese too.  Combine that with reasonable prices and a casual setting, then it makes a great place for takeout or a quick meal.

The Good:
- Well-priced
- Juicy smoky meats
- Nice people

The Bad:
- That sausage was a just a bit too greasy
- Didn't like that mango mustard


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