Sherman's Food Adventures: Hamburger Mary's

Hamburger Mary's

Once again, after Friday night hockey, we were in search of some grub. Seeing how we always go to Asian places, I voiced my preference - Hamburger Mary's. "What's Hamburger Mary's?", is the response I get from a few teammates. Well, if you are a night owl or do the club/bar scene, Hamburger Mary's is a great place to satisfy the munchies late into the night (or early morning). Open until 3:45am and open again 2 hours later, Hamburger Mary's serves up great burgers and shakes 22 hours a day. So with a little convincing, we head over to Hamburger Mary's. In addition to burgers, there are breakfast items, appies, sandwiches, and milkshakes on the menu. The milkshakes are pretty good and are made with low-fat yogurt and 2% milk - less guilt! Be sure to try the Orange Creamsicle, it tastes exactly like the the actual popsicle!

I decided to try their special burger, the 10oz Prime Rib burger with cheddar cheese and horseradish mayo. I must say the burger was absolutely delicious. The patty was extremely tender and juicy. It had a great deal of prime rib taste and the horseradish mayo was a nice compliment to the burger. I was barely able to finish it. However, I really didn't like the fries much. They were crispy and all, but they were small little bits and were more like potato crisps rather than fries. Other plates at the table included a lamb burger, chili burger and salmon burger. They all looked good, and judging by the reaction from my teammates, they were good as well.

Boss Woman wanted to be different and ordered breakfast. She had the Swiss Scramble that consisted of scramble eggs, sausage, tomatoes, green onions and topped with melted swiss cheese. It came with a side of pancakes and hash browns as well. She said the egg was fluffy and the whole scramble itself was not salty. She loved the hash browns which were the fried cube-type. I will say that Hamburger Mary's does not have the best burgers in town. I think Moderne Burger is better; however, if you want a good burger and milkshake at 3am, look no further than Hamburger Mary's.

The Good:
- Good burgers and shakes
- Open 22 hours a day
- Retro dining room

The Bad:
- Cramped retro dining room
- Fries, in my opinion are cut too small
- Good luck finding parking

Hamburger Mary's
1202 Davie Street
Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 687-1293

Business Hours:
5:45am - 3:45am (7 days a week)

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K. Wu said...

sweet...another late night restaurant to go to when i'm out late!

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