Sherman's Food Adventures: Marble Slab Creamery

Marble Slab Creamery

After some Japanese food (again, I seem to eat a lot of that), I wondered if anyone wanted dessert. I was considering going down to Save On or Safeway to pick up some pie. But Nikita (that's what I'll call her from now on) suggested I go to Marble Slab which was nearby. Ah yes, I've been to Coquitlam Marble Slab since it's the closest location to my house. There are quite a few people who will argue that the copycat (I've learned recently), Coldstone Creamery, is better. Well, even if it is, we don't have Coldstone up here in Canada.

You may ask what exactly is Marble Slab. Well, it is essentially an ice cream parlour with freezing cold slabs of marble where they mix in goodies with your ice cream. Think of it as a Blizzard or McFlurry, but Marble Slab uses hard ice cream instead of soft serve. Moreover, you have a choice of several flavours of ice cream other than plain vanilla. The cold slabs of marble ensure that your ice cream doesn't melt into a gooey mess while the mixing takes place. To my surprise, the staff at this location of Marble Slab were not only inviting me to take pictures, they knew exactly what a blog was and asked about it! These employees are in the know!

I ordered a couple of items: a sundae, vanilla ice cream with apple pie pieces and a double dark chocolate ice cream with Skor Bar. The staff were very friendly and had my order completed before I even had a chance to finish taking all of my pictures. The staff made sure I had utensils for my order and lids as well. So how does it taste? Well, the ice cream at Marble Slab is pretty good, it's creamy and has plenty of flavour. However, if you start adding goodies to the ice cream, it can get rather sweet, but I guess you wouldn't be getting Marble Slab if you didn't want sweet anyways. One possible negative of Marble Slab is that it can get pricey. One order of ice cream with one mixin' (that's one item), is $4.95. You have a choice of it being served in a cup or a waffle cone. This is not incredibly expensive, but knowing that gourmet gelato at places like Vivo, Amato and La Casa cost less, it may not be worth it for ice cream "connoisseurs". However, I personally like it. It's a fun, tasty treat, as long as you don't do it too often.

The Good:
- It's fun
- It's sweet and sinful
- Your kids will love you for it

The Bad:
- A bit pricey
- It's sweet and sinful

Marble Slab Creamery
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Anonymous said...


Loved the blog but must make one correction! Marble Slab actually innovated the concept in 1983 - Cold Stone came along and stole it from them!

Sherman Chan said...

Thanks for the correction!

Anonymous said...

i have to disagree Sherman! Marble Slab is waaaaaaay all made instore not brought in! What else can you ask for?

Sherman Chan said...

Yup, no worries. We all have different tastes! I didn't know that it's all made instore. I need to try it out again next time I'm in the states. Thanks for visiting!

Boss Hog said...

I popped into this place and it was the most amazing ice cream I've ever had. The cold stone I was in a year ago was a sh*thole that was run by 2 kids that were so stoned they couldn't even talk and the dairy was rotten. The MS in Coquitlam is the best and the people that run are really cool. I'm addicted and go every week. A++

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherman,

I'm one of the owners of the Coquitlam store and there are currently a few Cold Stones in the lower mainland as a joint venture with Tim Horton's

However, the big difference in the brands is quality of product (diary)and it very obvious in the taste.

Next time your by says hi...

Sherman Chan said...

It's a toss up between MS and CS really. Personal preferences. You can't go wrong with either.

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